An Emo Love Story (vampire based)

Why is it that humans love what they can't have? Love is something treacherous and fragile. To make it worse.....What if you're in love with something you thought never existed and you are destined to kill him? He is someone you love but you have to kill him only because of destiny and fate. And he has to kill you for the same reason.....
Ain't destiny cruel?

Chapter 3


(Kristopher's POV)

I gazed as the door closed behind Raven. It must have been my imagination but I could tell there was a faint smile on her cut lip. Once the door closed I let out a whoosh of air. I kept shaking my head. There was nothing special about this girl but every time I would look at her my heart flutters and stops. When I had seen her getting beaten up I thought I was going to kill those girls, but she seemed to handle herself. The girls had dragged the leader away, glancing fearfully at Raven. When she got up and walked towards the stairs and the scent of her blood reached me. It was like cherry blossoms and cinnamon and I had to contain myself as she was walking past. She noticed me and I was curious to whether she would say hi or see that she looked like a mess. Instead she smiled sweetly and flipped me off, then walked away as if she didn't do anything. I felt a bit hurt because I didn't know her and she didn't even know me. I caught up to her and confronted her about it. she told me that she didn't like being stared at like that and so we began walking when I told her that the teachers inside the might freak out if they saw those cuts and bruises. She fixed herself up stubbornly and asked for my name. I had answered her and she replied with her name, Raven Quilez. Her last name rang warning bells in my head and I knew that there was something familiar with her name, but I just couldn't place it. I heard the door open and that same intoxicating scent again.

"Wow," Raven said then pretended to have a British accent, "Darling, you shouldn't have waited for little old me."

I joined in on the act and gave a mock bow. "But of course my lady. 'Tis not something to fret about. Come, shall we go?"

I extend my bent elbow to her and she takes it like those girls from Old Britain. "But of course."

We stared at each other and burst out laughing. Even through all of this, her red-brown eyes never changed their emotionless state, but her laugh sounded genuine. I was puzzled. What made this girl have such emotionless eyes and yet a genuine laugh (even if it's practiced). We were walking towards the front when I heard wolf whistles.

"Well look what we got here," a voice sneered, "It's the Emo girl."

Raven stopped in her tracks to look at a pack of five guys. They were eyeing her with interest and disgust, but more with interest. Raven looked at them before smiling a lethal smile and of course flipped them off.

We made it outside laughing and imitating the expressions of those jerks. Raven was suddenly pulled back by someone and I heard a furious voice.
"You're gonna wish you never did that."

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