An Emo Love Story (vampire based)

Why is it that humans love what they can't have? Love is something treacherous and fragile. To make it worse.....What if you're in love with something you thought never existed and you are destined to kill him? He is someone you love but you have to kill him only because of destiny and fate. And he has to kill you for the same reason.....
Ain't destiny cruel?

Chapter 5

No Such Thing

Thank you everyone who has been reading my stories!! :') and also a shout out to XGorgeousNightmare who has given me suggestions on how the story should turn out. If anyone has suggestions please message or leave in the comment box!! Thank you :D

(Raven's POV)

"I said I was sorry Dove," I said to my sister. She glared at me as we walked towards our home. I didnt see what the problem was, I only did it out of self defense and everything. Dove sighed and looked ahead. We saw a head of dark brown hair and those cheerful yet sad green eyes. Stark came running towards us grabbing us into a hug. I look down at him but I can't seem to smile like I used to. It just makes me feel sick. Stark pulls back and smiles. He was so innocent not really noticing what was going on within the house. He always seemed to tune it out unless Father's rage was turned on him. Stark grabbed either one of our hands and began to drag us towards the porch of our ominous house. I look over at Dove to find that she has a little flush to her cheeks. I wondered why she was blushing that badly. I snickered while I followed our little brother. Stark opened the door and peered inside. It was dark and foreboding like something bad was about to happen. There was no sign of Father and I wanted it that way so then all three of us wouldn't have to go ahead and run off to our secret cabin we found somewhere near the edge of town. Stark was about to step in but I held him back.
"Let me go first," I whispered. Dove and Stark gave me a questioning look. I took a few steps in and tried turning on the light. It wouldn't even flicker. Strange, I had already paid the light bill and all those other bills, so what's going on. "Stay right there for a minute," I said to my siblings. Stark was scared and hugged Dove around her waist.
Thump. I turned my attention to the stairs knowing something was in the rooms. I began to walk up the stairs. I was only half way when something jumped at me from the darkness. I tumbled down the stairs with whatever it was. I rolled away and stared at the body. It got up and glared at me with glowing red eyes. I wasn't terrified as it charged at me. I ducked and ran towards the kitchen, slamming the front door on my siblings. I grabbed a long knife and waited for whatever the hell that was to come. It never showed up but I didn;t trust my instincts at the moment. I walked out into the living room where everything was a complete mess. There was nothing there. Suddenly something dropped on me from the ceiling. I was dropped to the floor and something sharp went into my neck. I could feel that my blood was draining and my vision was getting blurry. I made an attempt to escape and whacked at the thing. It got off of me screaming in agony. I flipped myself up and drove the knife into the thing's heart. There was a weird choking noise before the thing slumped to the ground. I felt the side of my neck and it came away bloody. Great I was bleeding and I wasn't happy about that. I staggered to the front door to see Dove clutching Spark who was crying badly. When they both saw me, they went berserk.

"It's just a cut," I said in exasperation. Dove gave a look.

"That isn't a cut, it's bite marks," she countered. I stood still frozen in place. That couldn't be...There are no such things as vampires and what-not but then again I could be wrong... I motioned for them to follow me into the house and they stuck close to me. I walked back to where the dead body was. I turned it over and saw that it was a boy with soulless black eyes and a pair of fangs that are bloody. Suddenly the body began to burn and turned to ashes.

How was I going to explain this mess to father? Or better yet how was I going to tell him that we were just attacked by a frickin' vampire?!

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