When We Met(Celebrity Love Story)

This is a story about bestfriends who end up leaving each other and find lover who are famous

Chapter 1



I hugged my bestfriend tight afraid to let go cause what if this was the last time we saw each other. She was like my other half my sister. We knew everything about each other and for us to had grown up together. I tried to force the tears down but I couldn't. I broke down and didn't want to let go.

Mom-sweetie they have to go now

I shook my head and cried harder. I couldn't let go of my bestfriend. What if we never saw each other again. I signed and pulled away and she was crying too. I looked at my bestfriend and held up my bracelet. She held hers up and I smile.

Shonda-never take it off

She nodded and agreement and I hugged her again. I walked over to my mom and she hugged me. I cried as I saw them get in the car and drove off. I pulled away from my mom and went in the house and ran up to my room.

Little did I know that was the last time I saw my bestfriend.

present time

That was 3 years ago since I last saw her. Now I'm 16 years old and me and my friend haven't seen each other since we said goodbye. But we talked and video chat all the time.

Mom-shonda come here for a minute

I signed and looked at the laptop and smile at my friend. Well she was more like a sister to me.

Shonda-i'll talk to you later, mom needs me.

She nodded and smile: love you sis

Shonda-love you too

I close the laptop and went downstairs to see what mom wanted. She looked at me and smile.


Shonda-you called me?

Mom-yeah...I got a old friend coming to dinner....


Mom-so be here and dress nice

I rolled my eyes and nodded: of course


I smile as I finished recording. I signed as I walked out the studio and saw my mom.

Pattie-sweetie get dress nice we're meeting a old friend of mines for dinner


Pattie-you don't know her

Justin-ryan coming


I nodded and smile. I was loving my life right now. Everything was perfect I was taking a break from the fame. They flew Ryan got here yesterday and this gs couldn't get no better than they were now.

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