Poetry/short stories.

Some pieces of poetry/short stories.

Chapter 1

New Earth

Humanity, is a race of Explorers. Of pioneers. Of Colonists. Of scientists. Of Inventors. Of Artists. And of soldiers. We are a race that has expanded beyond our natural barriers. And we now have even grown too large for our own planet. The time to expand has come. The time to move to the future is now. We looked out to space for our next home.
And then we found it.
In the stars there was another. Like our own. And then we left. towards the sky. Towards the heavens. Towards our new Earth.
As we fled our planet, our numbers thinned by the spreading diseases, we saw each other. An alien race equal to ours, attacked us. Many ships were destroyed before we came to our senses. We fought, trillions of dollars and billions of lives gone in vain. We weakened the threat. Then we made one last dash. Only a few humans remained. We were determined, we were strong, and we were persistent. We got to the New Earth. We repopulate, we strike, we avenge.

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