The Prophecy's Secret

OK,there is a bunch of us writing this,I know that....
So here's the writers!

That is a lot of people....

Chapter 1


Name:Shantae Hill
Personality:She can be sweet,kind,caring,obnoxious,loud mouthed,annoying,shy,quiet,and has a bead temper.
Power:She can make fire and control the dead.
Best Friends:Perrcy,Annabeth,Clarisse,Nico,and anybody who makes it in!
Love interest:Percy Jackson
Godly Parent:Hades
Weapon of Choice:Her stilettos which she keeps in a sheath hidden in her boots.
Extra/Other:She has a pet Hell Hound named Fang which she keeps hidden in the woods. She also has a small tattoo on her inner wrist of a wolf head with pink eyes.

Name: Reuben Asker
Personality: wants to be in the center of attention all the time overconfident and impatient, charismatic
Power: wins at almost everything because he is a son of nike goddess of victory
Best Friends: the Stoll brothers
God Parent: Nike
Appearance: golden-brown hair that reaches past his shoulders gray eyes with flecks of gold in them golden tan, muscular
Weapon of Choice: twin daggers one burns whatever it touches the other freezes what ever it touches
Extra/Other: wears a gold medal that increases the stamina of the wearer making it so he could fight for hours without resting

Name: Campbell Knight
Personality: funny, understanding, sweet, softy yet powerful in battle, easy going
Power: flying, Controling weather, lightning
BFF: gets along with everyone but especially percy
Age: 16
Love interest: annabeth?
Parent: zeus
Weapon: sword, shield, weather
Appearance: blonde hair (Zach efron style), bright blue eyes, tall, strong
Other: Percy and Campbell are like brothers. Cambell fights w/ Thalia sometimes (sibling fights)

Name: Melody Goodlett
Personality: Nice, Sweet, Shy (except around friends), Happy.
Power: Athena POWER!!!!!
Best Friends: Percy, Grover and other Satyrs, Annabeth (and all other Athena's), Nymphs, etc.
Age: 13
Love interest: Percy
Godly Parent: Athena... OBVIOUSLY!!
Weapon of Choice: Double sided: Celestial Bronze/Steel Sword
Extra/Other: Has entered the Labyrinth once when 4 by accident.....
and is always doing well in school. She is NOT a year-rounder

Name: Hayden Knight
Personality: She's really smart, nice, funny, she's shy around guys she doesn't know, kind, and she can be stubborn.
Power: She can control fire and can fix or build anything.
Best friends: Nico, Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, Grover, and Clarrisse.
Age: 16
Godly parent: Hephaestus
Appearance: Long dark brown hair which she usually wears in a ponytail, she has green eyes, tall, wears glasses, and is never seen without her silver cross necklace.
Weapon: Her necklace turns into a sword.
Extra: Her mom was a scientist, then she got cancer and before she died she gave Hayden her cross necklace that Hephaestus made for her.

Name: Hilary Barsworth
Personality: sweet,kind,sensitive yet EXEREMLY tough, bubbly,talkative,hyper
Power: can control the sun (like how bright it is and stuff) and produce light from her hands.
Best Friends: Grover, Clarrisse, Luke
Age: 15
Love interest: Luke
Weapon: bow and arrows that are a necklace she always wears. When she undoes the necklace it turns into boy and arrows
Other: she is slowly getting Luke to be good again

Name:Mei Xerxes
Personality:Emotionless, smiles when interested in something, caring, and quiet unless spoken to
Power:Control the time of death for , fire, and telekeniss for "accidents"
Best Friend: She is like a ghost or dead person herself (meaning she is invisible to people), but is friends with Shantae
Love interest:
Godly Parent:Nyx
Appearence: (The girl in the picture)
Weapon of choice: Her powers and/or dagger
Extra/Other: She only has nightmares. In her nightmares she can see what happens to the person that dies next. she gets scared. Has never been loved by anyone to show her there is happiness in the world.
Power:Telekenisis, fire, and can control the time peoples deaths

Name: valkyrie hale
Personality: caring, protective, streetwise, calm, cunning, playful, doesnt take sh(i)t from anyone, natural leader, she can always see s omething in people: the good and the bad, a peace maker usually
Powers: aura sensing ( its like cold reading), witch craft stuff (tarot card reading ect), can turn into a cat, can trap people in her own illusion world to mentaly torture then through eye contact (like the tsukuymi), magic
Best friends: nico, anabeth, friends with the younger kids of the camp, thalia, zoe nightshade (well her ghost), bianca di angelo (ghost)
Age: 17
Godly parent: Hecate
Appearance: long wavy (natural) snow white hair with green and blue streaks,
Blue/turquise eyes, medium height slim figure, always wears a t-shirt, skinny jeans, long blue beaded necklace and converses, has a silver stud at top of ear right ear
weapon: double katana's that transform into a single charm bracelet; blue beads (1080 beads)
Extra: orphan, half greek half apache, orphan, lived with grandmother till she died when val was 12, grandmother taught her to be a spirit meduim, none of her readings have ever been wrong, she has a black cat tattoo on her left shoulder, fully trained medium: can contact spirits,when she was young she couldnt tell the difference between spirits and the living, obsession for cat stuff

Name:Zayline MacAlister
Personality:Impish,funny,prankster,loyal,does have a slight temper,very stubborn
Power:Archery,sometimes gets glimpses of whats going to happen,can summon sunlight
Best Friends:Finn(Twin brother),gets along with most Hermes kids,Percy,Annabeth,Grover,Nico
Love interest:Nico di Angelo
Godly Parent:Apollo
Appearance:elbow length sandy brown hair,warm gold-brown eyes,light tan skin,stands about 5'4,slim build,sort of elfish features
Weapon of Choice:Bow
Extra/Other:6th year camper,Can't stand mom or Apollo,doesn't really like any of the gods/goddesses besides Artemis,Usually is followed by a falcon(Malix) a gift from Artemis,

Name: Red Miharu
Personality: Is very silly. Loves everyone, and thinks even the bad can get redemption. Just do NOT hurt her friends. Or you're a goner.
Power: Magic, Hyperkinetic, and Automatic healing.Best Friends: Everyone is her friend, but I guess Clarisse and Grover the most.
Age: 17
Love interest:Nico
Godly Parent: Iris goddess of the rainbow
Appearance: Crimson colore hair, that's long and has wild curls. (Some call it a lion's mane.) Her eyes change color depending mood. She's very tall, and has pale skin. Usually she wears ripped jeans, a ripped off the should rainbow shirt with a dark blue tank top underneath, and a few peircings here and there. She we're knee high plaid shoes.
Weapon of Choice: She's known for uses hand to hand combat. But if she has to, she'd uses a bow and arrow. She's pretty good at it too.
Hobbies- Singing, and swimming.
Past- She actually had a really harsh past. As a kid, she got bullied because of her weird hair and eyes. Her dad was a drunk and would beat her, so she ran off an foun camp-half-bloo.
Other- She is very intellectual. She can speak 10 languages, and write in 6. Also, she can do complex math in her head without help.

I'll decide who writes first,at the moment I'm a little sleepy....

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