Orange Seashells (A Finnick/Peeta Love Story)

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Chapter 1


Finnick POV

There has been so much that I have lost. Tributes. Allies. Enemies. Lovers. Friends. But in no way have I entirely lost hope. It is the one thing I cling onto desperately when the winds are rough and threatening to blow my life over. I have dreams of the future. I have a nice home on the beach where I can spend the remainder of my sorrowful life. But I also have the boy with the bread. Peeta. Maybe the only one that truly understands me. We both have lost so much. Ever since Annie's accidental drowning and Katniss' suicide with nightlock, we did not know what to do with ourselves. I see him approaching me now, dressed in only his swim shorts, the gentle breeze tossing his blonde hair in its currents. I smile and pat the spot next to me. He grins and sits beside me, hugging his knees to his chest. The temperature has dropped, especially with the cool mist of salt engulfing us in chilliness. His teeth chatter as I remove my coat and put it on his shoulders. Peeta smiles. "Thanks Finn," he says. He called me Finn I cheer in my head. Something about the way he says my name, the fluency of the 'f' rolling off his tongue, comforts me. I would never tell him, but his bright blue eyes that remind me of the roaring ocean ahead of us, make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. The outline of his jaw, the rise and fall of his chest, it all makes him perfect. And his easygoing nature and laid backness always make me smile. I have always found him beautiful. And I have always loved him. Pressing my lips against his in the clock arena during the 75th Games sent shots of warmth across my chest that ripped throughout my body like a wildfire. A deep, misinterpreted jealously of seeing him despair over Katniss. Watching him torn to bits when she died. And being the source of friendship and comfort that he needed. Holding him against me as he cried and cursed the world. Cursing the world myself, because he was hurting. How desperately I longed to be his and no one else's. "Finn," Peeta said quietly just as a pale moon rose from behind the pink sunset. "Yes?" I answer gently, noting the shakiness in his voice. "I love sunsets." I stare into the horizon, up at the sky, where the pink and purple blend into the most lovely shade of fuscia-lavendar. "I do too," I reply, not looking at the sky, but at his bright blue eyes that are welling with tears. One falls and I gingerly wipe it from his face with my thumb. He smiles sadly. "I miss her, Finnick." "I do too, Peeta. But we need to be strong. We cannot allow ourselves the hurt." He is staring at me now, chest exposed in the moonlight, the blue eyes searching me for answers that i may not have. "But I've hurt so much, Finn." He chokes on his tears. "We all have Peeta," I agree, pulling him into a hug and running my fingers through his blonde hair. "But the time for hurting is over." He pulls away, skeptical. He knows what I am doing. What if Peeta does not want my love? He sighs and allows the tears to fall. "I just hate being alone." I rub his back lightly. "Peeta, you will never be alone. Ever." He stares at me uncomprehendingly. "I promise." "I just always consider all we have lost.All we can never get back." I listen to his words, absorbing all of their meaning. "Peeta...." He turns to me. His eyes are pleading. I do not hesitate. Cupping his neck gently in my hands, I kiss him. I kiss Peeta Mellark with all the passion, desire, and longing that I have contained inside myself over these wretched years. Sunsets and seashells and orange horizons blend into one as I pull away, breathing heavy. He smiles at me and this time, the boy with the bread kisses me. I lay my head against his, hands entertwined, and whisper, "I love you, Peeta." "I love you too, Finnick." We sit for many moments in silence knowing that we have each other. And the scene around us fades as well into a world of love.

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