Don't Even Lie To Me Peeta! (A sad peeta mellark love story)

so hi! i am now doin 1shots! kk um, well each 1shot gets 2 chaps. so, if u comment, and leave character info., I will make u a 1shot! so remember dat!

Character: Loretta Kawnlove
Hair Color/Style: Auburn/ Brownish and Long
Skin Color: Naturally Pale
Eye Color: Icy Blue
Personality: Spontanious (SP?) and Sweet,but Defensive when needed in the situation, she has a free spirit. But, she covers up her worries by appearing fearless. She has never been kissed (NOT YET ANYWAY! :P)
Enjoy! :p

Chapter 1

Hi Peeta, Can I get that and that?!

Well, it's clear my little sister,Tori, got scared and went to go to bed with our mom because she's probably scared of the 74th Hunger Games, which are 6 months away.

I crept out of my bed and slowly got on my hunting clothes. A large leather jacket, knee-high leather boot shoe laces, baggy camouflage pants, a belt, a red velvet long sleeve shirt, and a french braid put into a bun on the side. Man I love my long auburn hair, I thought.

I walked out of the house, but walked back in to do 1 thing. I needed to check our food supply.We at least need food for 2 weeks so I need to hunt. We have 1 small scoop of goat cheese from the Everdeens, an apple, a little bit of berries, and roots. I know, sounds like a lot of food to you, but in our district. District 12, the district of mining. Not a lot food here, but a whole lot of work. I grabbed my crossbow, and yes I said crossbow, and walked again outside.

It's about a quarter of a mile to the woods from here. The walk isn't bad though. I can hear the mocking jays singing a melody really difficult. I sang a 4 tuned melody that the birds quickly followed.

I caught 4 rabbits, 5 fish, 3 squirrels, and 2 birds. I've also collected more roots and found some strawberries,nuts, and edible bark.

I traded 2 fish and some nuts for a bowl of wild dog brew and some thread to fix my mother's coat. I also traded 1 squirrel and 1 bird for some shoes that were about Tori's size. Tori is 13, so they'll probably fit.

I headed in the direction of the Mellark Bakery. I need to trade Mr.Mellark the rest of my squirrels for a loaf of bread. I also had 3 dollars for anything else.

As I entered the bakery, I heard the sound of the pounding of dough. "Hello?" I asked loudly, so the person could hear me. A boy came out with ashy blonde hair and hazel/ icy blue eyes. Of course I know who he is. "Hi Loretta, what could I do you for ?" he asked, wiping the extra flour on his apron. "Can I trade you 2 squirrels for a loaf of that bread over there?" I asked, pointing to a loaf of hard bread with nuts on top. "Uh...Alright.What else?" "I'll have that and that please." I said pointing to a piece of cake and a bun with cheese. "Can you afford all that?" he asked raising 1 eyebrow. I showed him the amount of money and a huge handful of strawberries. "Oh, well thank you for shopping here.Come back soon." He said , handing me my stuff. I handed him back the 2 squirrels,strawberries,and money. I was about to go when, "Do you always shoot the squirrels in the eye?" He asked. "Yep, every time!" I said, then walking out the door with a smile plastered on my pale face.

chapter 2 comes out soon! plz rate & comment!

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