Accept It (A Sort Of Poem)

I wrote this poem when I felt really bad about everything. I don't like to let out my anger physcially, so I expressed my feelings in this poem. It's really personal.Hope you like it.

Chapter 1

Accept It

I have a head, and it thinks.
I think of things I like and dislike -
as everyone is entitled to their own opinion -
and mine is different.

I have two eyes, and they see.
A picture is worth a thousand words,
but is not always as reliable.

I have a heart, and it loves.
But it has room for more then one, for many
And it will love them all forever.
But my heart doean't have eyes -
And can be blinded.

I have emotions, and they change.
Not all things are fair,
but you can change everything you want to,
You get further with a happy person.

I have a thought, and it grows.
But it likes lots of room and freedom,
And to be considered.

I have a voice, and it works.
It likes to be heard and can help,
if only people try to notice.

I have two ears, and they hear.
They will always listen,
and develop what you think.

I have two arms, and they're strong.
They'll always catch you and
boost you forward,
But they like to rest themselves.

I have a spirit, and it flies.
It will always hope for sweet dreams,
But grows stronger with each nightmare.

For I am a person, just me.
I'm not him, or her, but unique
and special
And even if you're different,
I will trust you,

I am me!


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