The 72nd annual Hunger Games

Im trying out a hunger games fanfic hope you enjoy

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Chapter 1

The Reaping

"Lilly please"
"You cant protect me from everything"
"Well I can try"
"What if I dont want you to?"
"You dont have a choice."
I glare a my brother older Matthew we are having the same exact argument we have every year. he thinks he can protect me from the hunger games its the one thing that he cant actually protect me from it if im chosen he cant volunteer its just fate if i get chosen and ive trained for this. District 7 isnt known as a career district but im not exactly a lucky person so ive trained myself so that im prepared for anything. Thats why he thinks is to important to protect me because im "Fragile" or in other words unlucky and its just a coincidence that my name Mallory means unlucky Lilly is just my nickname.
What ever im strong and agile and i know how to work with certain weapons since 7 is the lumbering district ive had my fair share in training so im handy with some of the tools especially an ax. Ive also done something that no one has ever thought of doing. Ive gone into the woods. Ive learned to hunt and ive watched all the animals ive seen how they hunt how they hide how they can get away without being noticed and I can climb really far.
"Lilly i know your smart enough to do this but I still worry" He doesnt know that ive trained myself for my own safety well he doesnt know ive trained at all
"I know you worry but its not necessary. Well at least I dont think it is"
"With dad working most of the time and mom... well you know" our mother is depressed Matthew doesnt exactly like mentioning it " Its hard for me not to worry especially since your name has been in 18 time"
"Big deal!" I say more worried about him "Your name has been in there 56 times!"
"Yeah but its my last year"
"Thats not promising anything!" I now realize im yelling. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. "You should be more worried about yourself than about me."
"But im not because you are more important to me than my own life. If i loose you then I dont have family. We never see dad and well i doubt mom will ever come back." he says clenching his fists
I walk over to him and hug him around the waist, I barely reach his shoulders and im only 4 years younger than him. He kisses the top of my head.
"Ok no more love you need to get ready for the reaping" He says scooting me out of the room
I find one of my mothers dresses that she said i was allowed to wear before we lost her. Its a green dress that goes past my knees. Then i pull half my hair together and tie it up with a ribbon. Matthew is sitting at the kitchen table wearing a nice shirt and suit pants.
"We still have another half hour till the reaping"then theres a knock on the door "I'll get it" He says eyeing the door suspiciously
When he opens the door I see my best friend Emmett and Matthews girlfriend Jade
"Hey I wasnt expecting a visit from you today" Matthew says hugging Jade
"That was the idea" She says laughing "It was actually Emmetts idea" Jade says bumping her brother with her hip I see Emmett's face turn red
"Well thanks for the surprise visit Emmett even though it probably want intended for me."He says then play punching him in the arm "Why dont you two come in" Matthew says gesturing them inside
"Or how about we leave" I say grabbing Emmets arm "I uh dont want to be stuck in the middle of your guys romantic weirdness" Matthew just smiles at me
"Well thanks" Jade says giving me a small hug before we leave
"Well that was awkward" Emmett says after we sit down under one of the trees by my house.
"Why is it that you always get so quiet around Matthew?" He just shrugs his shoulders "You're not afraid of him are you" I ask trying to get him to say something
"Of course not! Im just a little shorter than him and i could probably take him" He says trying to act all buff
"Sure what ever you say" I start laughing
"This is not funny you're testing my manliness" I start laughing even harder
"Did you seriously say im testing your 'manliness'"I cover my mouth because my laughing is getting really loud
"Yes I did just say that, but now thinking about it I just sounded really stupid" He says laughing with me."Ok but on a serious note how are you?" He asks me
"Im okay I guess. My mother hasnt shown any changes, me and Matthew had our yearly argument." I say raising my eyebrow
"Why havent you told him about you training yourself and being prepared" Emmett is the only person ive ever told about everything ive done
"Because you do not know how much he would flip if i told him and I really dont need him mad at me the day of the reaping."
"True but you should tell him sooner rather than later. Like maybe after the reaping..." He says hinting that I shouldnt be keeping secrets from my one and only brother
"Maybe." I say shrugging my shoulders "We'll see"
"Well if you dont I will" He says giving me a look
"You would never" I say in my playful 'This means war' tone.
"Try me" He says standing up
"I totally would kick your butt, but im in a dress so not today." I say smiling at him
I walk over to the house and knock on the door not knowing what I would be interrupting "Stop what you’re doing cause we're entering the house" I hear a laugh
"Its ok you can come in nothings happening" I open the door and let it open all the way before I step in.
"We should probably get going if we dont want to be late" I say leaning against the door frame
"Yeah we probably should" Matthew says taking Jades hand and walking out the door i roll my eyes. They’re perfect for eachother and everyone know it including themselves. Emmett and I follow close behind the two and then get in line for the peace-keepers to take blood.
They use that to tally the amount of people who are supposed to be there cause if someone is missing they set out and find you and also its to keep track of the population. when its my turn they take my blood and scan it and on the machine it prints out my name Mallory Davis then they do the same with Emmett and it prints out Emmett Taylor.
"Come on Lilly lets get in line" Emmett says to me taking my arm.
We stand there while everyone else gathers around surprisingly I see both my mother and father gathered towards the back. When everyone is together Beatty Mayson the escort for district 7 taps on the microphone and behind her there are four chairs set up for the mayor and his wife then Beatty and district 7's mentor Hayden Wright. Probably one of the only mentors in history who hasnt gone mad from the games if even possible.
"Welcome everyone for the 72nd annual hunger games" She says in her Capitol accent "Like usual we will watch the short video explain why we have the hunger games" She said and then everyone turned to the screen.
All the video talks about is how once long ago we were called north america and all were treated equal until one district didnt want to be controlled which caused the uprising and war and then the destruction of district 13 and now we have 12 districts and we have the games to remind us of what happened and that it should never have to happen again.
As soon as the video is over Beatty is as usual ready to start talking "Isnt that just wonderful?" She says not skipping a beat "Ok now its time to choose one courageous man and woman to be a tribute in the games. Ladies first" She places her hand in the bowl and fishes around. I cant help but get a knot in my stomach. who doesnt at this moment and thats when she pulled out the name. she unfolded the paper
Then in a shrill voice she says "Mallory Davis"

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