So me & my friends decided 2 wrote poems about guys

Chapter 1

Matt's poem

It feels like ive hit the ground
People all around me but still no sound
Im trying to get back on my feet
But why face it when im clearly beat
I put my heart out on the line
I try everything but still your to fine
Lets face it you’ll never be mine
Do I try to hard or don’t I try hard enough
Do you want a sweet boy or someone big and tough
Im a little of both or is it im to rough
I don’t know what im doing wrong
Is it my looks is it my song
Am I immature or not smart enough
Am I not mad of the good stuf
Don’t you like guys like me
I wish I could give you a moment to see
How I feel baby this is me
I may not be the coolest guy
I may not be rich and wear a tie
But no way am I shy
I? ll tell you whats on my mind
Ill help you get anything you wanna find
Ive done some things I wasn? t proud of then
Im still not proud I wouldn? t do em again
I may be a little big I may be a little tall
but baby ill catch you when you fall
I share my emotions a little to much
Im always happy at your touch
Then I remember you don? t like guys like me
Why get my hopes up if its never gonna be
Don? t you like guys with blue eyes
Aren? t they bright enough to light up ur night
I can only try so hard
Like a music bard
I don? t know what to do im in love with you
But you don? t like guys that give you highs
You don? t love me but I love you
I dunno just tell me what to do
I? ll do anything to make you like guys with blue eyes
Guys that like to write songs and don? t like bongs
Guys that would do anything to have you too
Im one such man doing all I can
Trying to win you into my waiting hands
Im an average guy I think
Im not gay my favorites colors not pink
Cmon baby sit down have a drink
Mingle with me tell me how you think
Tell me why you don? t like guys like me
Tell me the kinda guy you want me to be
I? ll be the most perfect guy you can make
Ill be all real baby nothing fake
Ill change all that for you
Just to make you feel what I do
Id give anything for you to like guys with blue eyes
Ones that write songs and wear billabong thongs
Ones that love you more then you know
Ones that would see you over any show
Ones like me that just want you to see
I love you more then green peace loves a tree
Baby this is me


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