Savannah is really my best friend, but she doesn't really have difficulty walking.
Please tell me what you think. I would have gone on longer, but if it's bad, I don't want to continue. And I don't have dyslexia or A.D.D( I think.) Can you please tell me if it's bad?

Chapter 1

My best friend is a what?

It started out as a normal day at school. Well, normal enough for a girl who has dyslexia and A.D.D.So I walk into class and I sit in my normal spot where all the kids like me sit. There's my best friend Savannah who has to uses these crutch-like things. Honestly, I don't know why she has them. Sometimes she's walking funny, but most of the time she walks fine. There also is my friend Sage, ( sage is boy BTW ) who you can tell has ADD right away. But he always makes funny jokes. Ms. Higgenbottom ALWAYS makes him sit up front in homeroom. And there's Jenny. Jenny has had a crush on Sage for a while. They like each other, but their parents won't let them date. Anyway, let's go back to the main story. I was sitting in the front of class, and Ms. Higgenbottom was going on and on about who knows what? And I realized that the entire time she was ranting about the pharohs she never kept her eyes off of my friends and I. It was very strange.
To be continued.....


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