The One Direction Love Story

Hey guys!!! I finally finished this story! I know you guys like it a lot so yes I am going to make a sequel..I hope my new readers will enjoy it and I hope my current ones or well old ones now enjoyed it and read the sequel! Keep checking my profile for the sequel not sure what I should call it yet! If you have any ideas message me! Okay thanks bye!!!! :)

~June 13, 2012~

Chapter 1

Leaving Home

I woke up to the sound of my annoying alarm clock. I looked at the time and it read "5:00 am" in big bold red numbers. I kicked my legs over and looked around my small but cozy room. All I saw were my three hot pink suitcases. All of my furniture was given to my little sister of the age of ten years old. I already took down my posters of vintage music and fashion. I took down the big sparkly sign that read my name "Catalina". I was named that because of where I was born and live. I live in Avalon, Catalina but after today I would be living in England.

I was going to England with my best friend Ariana. We knew each since we were practically born there wasn't many girls on the island that were our age so we got a long easily. Neither of us had boyfriends because we were so limited to the boys on the island, and none of them pleased us. We were going to England because we both had the same passion, art. In England there was a school called the Acadamy of Art and only talented people got in. I got in for my dancing and Ariana got in for her amazing drawings. She drew everything she saw. In her room there was so many sketches and paintings of the ocean its almost crazy.

I have to take the ferry to Los Angeles and than a taxi was going to pick us both up and take us to LAX. We would then get on a plane to New York. Then a plane to England.

I stood up and got ready. I went to the bathroom brushed my teeth, showered, did my make up and hair and all of that stuff. I then got dressed with the outfit I had already layed out. I slipped on an all solid black tank, hot pink vans, light blue jean short shorts, and my Victoria's secret jacket. I grabbed my suitcases and walked out of my room. I took a good look at it because I wasn't going to see it again in two years or maybe even longer.

I walked out of my house and took a picture and saved it to my phone. I already said goodbye to my parents and sister but I left a note on the fridge saying how much I loved them. I walked down the street to Ariana and I's favorite cofee shop. I saw Ariana sitting down on a table with her favorite Caramel Frappuccino and my favorite Vanilla Iced Latte. I walked up to her.
Ariana:"Good Morning!"
"Hey!" I said tired-ly
"Arent you excited!!!!"
"Yeah but I am really goin to miss my family." This was going to be extremely hard for me because my dad's health isnt in good condition. He had only one kidney left it was working properly. About once a month I would have to spend the night in a hospital with him. I wasnt going to leave for England but my dad told me that I need to follow my dreams and not let anyone get in the way of it.
"I know it is going to be hard Catalina but I know you will be all right"
She gave me a hug because I started to tear up. I sniffled a couple times and then I said, "Lets go!"


Before I knew it we were in New York boarding the plane for England. I was so excited and I couldn't wait for the adventure that was ahead of me.

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