The One Direction Love Story

Hey guys!!! I finally finished this story! I know you guys like it a lot so yes I am going to make a sequel..I hope my new readers will enjoy it and I hope my current ones or well old ones now enjoyed it and read the sequel! Keep checking my profile for the sequel not sure what I should call it yet! If you have any ideas message me! Okay thanks bye!!!! :)

~June 13, 2012~

Chapter 2

The Apartment Building

Ariana and I walked into this huge apartment building. When we walked in everyone greeted us. People were so nice here. We lived on the seventh floor and we were suite 775. We were walking down the hallway on our floor and then we saw five boys with hats and sunglasses staring at us. Ariana went up to them and said
"Hello, Can we help you with something?"
The one boy with gorgeous eyes and curly hair said "Hello beautiful. Im harry and these are my band member Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Niall."
Zayn had black hair, LIam had brown justin bieber-ish hair and Niall and blonde hair.
Louis mumbled shes american. Then Niall whispered into his ear loudly, thats hot. Zayn then coughed and said dibs.

Liam than said "Whos your friend?"
Ariana said, "Thats my ~best~ friend Catalina."
"Hello" I said in a british accent.
Louis then said "Oh so you are american too?"
"How did you know?"
"You forgot how to do a good british accent as you were gazing into my gorgeous eyes."
"Ohh so you are a pretty boy and why are you all wearing hats and sunglasses."
"You dont know who we are?" Niall said
"Noooo." I said confuzed.
"Were One Direction, the hottest UK band right now" Zayn said said nodding and staring at Ariana with a smirk.
"And you two are the hottest girls in the world right now." NIall said
All of the other boys looked at Niall and shook their heads in embarrassment. Ariana and I blushed like crazy.
" So ummmm can we have your number?" Liam said breaking the awkward moment.
We wrote our numbers on each of their hands.
"Which apartment do you guys live in?" Ariana said
"Apartment 778" Harry said
"We live in 775!" I said
"Awesome so we will see you around ok?" Liam said.

We both nodded and entered our apartment.

Ariana said "So do you like any of them?'
I said" No they seem like a bunch of Justin Biebers waiting to break another girls heart."
"Yeah thats what I thouhgt too. We shouldnt spend too much time with them or else they will interrupt our school."
I nodded in agreement.

Zayns POV

I leaned my head awway from the door and said
"They dont want to hang out with us guys, they think were a bunch of justin biebers."
"Zayn! Stop being a creeper and dont listen to other people conversations." Liam said.
"Do you think they have boyfriends? Do you think they have had their first kiss? What if they arent virgins???!!!" Harry said loudly and worried
"Harry!!!" We all said.
"They can probably hear us" I said.
"I call Catalina!!" I said quietly.
="Well I call ariana! Sorry boys" Liam quickly responded.
"Thats not fair!" Niall said pouting
"Yeah!" Harry and Louis said.
"Ok fine, the boy who kisses the girl he wants first gets her. It has to be a real kiss that meant something not a sparkless one during truth and dare or seven minutes of heaven. A real one."
"Deal! Lets go to Nandos. I am dying of hunger." Niall said quickly.

I didnt want to make that deal but I knew that Catalina was mine. It was love at first sight. When i first saw her brown hair, and hazel eyes I knew she was the one. She was mine and she made me fall in love for the first time.

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