The One Direction Love Story

Hey guys!!! I finally finished this story! I know you guys like it a lot so yes I am going to make a sequel..I hope my new readers will enjoy it and I hope my current ones or well old ones now enjoyed it and read the sequel! Keep checking my profile for the sequel not sure what I should call it yet! If you have any ideas message me! Okay thanks bye!!!! :)

~June 13, 2012~

Chapter 3

Zayns Room

I woke up at six o'clock at night due to my jetlag. I woke up Ariana and then I checked my phone.
Zayn: Come over when you wake up love <3.
I didnt want to go but I think that I had the tinies crush on him.
Before I knew it, I was sitting on Zayns lap and we were fliritng with each other in his room.
"Your amazing."
I blushed
"Aww thank you, Z"
I had a nickname for him now. This bothered me for some reason.
He pulled me in closer, he leaned his head in, and we both closed our eyes. I felt his warm lips on mine but I didnt respond.
Harry opened the door and pushed Zayn out of the way!
"WHAT WERE YOU TWO DOING!??!?!?!" He yelled.

Zayns POV

I hated him so much. I was about to kiss the girl of my dreams and he ruined it. "Thats not funny Harry."
"Whatever Z!" He said in a mocking tone.
That azz hole was ease dropping on us!?!?!?
"Leave." I said furiously.
"I am gonna go back to my apartment now. Bye" There she went.
"Harry, I am going to kill you."
"I am kissing her first....and she would actually respond!!!" He said loudly while laughing. He was laughing his head off. It drove me crazy.
She was the girl of my dreams and the only way I was going to get her is by winnign this "game" but I didnt want to play anymore. I wanted her all to myself with no competition.

Arianas POV
We walked into our apartment and I couldnt hold it in any longer.
"What happened!! Did you guys kiss or make out...what!???!? Oh wait please tell me you guys didnt do 'it'" I said excitedly
"He kissed me for like half of a second, but i didnt respond and I was going to even if Harry didnt interrupt us and make it awkward."

Catalinas POV

My phone buzzed
Zayn: Sorry about Harry and me kissing you, I just had to do it. Do you wanna meet for dinner in ten mins as friends? I owe you.
I thought about and after all I did need to eat
"Ariana? Is it ok if Zayn and I go out to dinner?"
"OMG!!! IS THAT OKAY THATS AWESOME!!!! GO GO! but you have to bring me back cheese pizza." She said smiling.

I texted Zayn back.
Me: Yeah definitely... Ill see you downstairs outside. Just me and you right?
Zayn: yeah just me and you, see you then love.

I know that I cant fall for a guy I just met, but I think I just did.

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