It All Started With An L

Outsiders Love story!

by me(msdoneasha13) and volleyballgirl527

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Chapter 1

new place


I smile as i race my brothers on my motorcycle to our new place we called home. our mom didnt want to race so here we are driving all the way to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

i smile as i followed closed behind my oldest brother. gosh did i love my family. but i hated the fact that we were moving to a new place. Like really why couldnt we stay back home in minnsota or something.

the wind was blowing through my hair and hitting my face and it felt nice. we pulled up at a gas station and i pulled over behind my brother motorcycle. i smile as i got off my bike and looked around.

they were alot of guys here standing around and stuff. they were staring at us. i blushed just thinking about what i had on. i had on a black tanktop with some black booty shorts. i looked and saw the other pulling up and i smile.

Shon-let's go inside

i nodded and walked toward where the guys were all posted at. we walked inside and i looked around and saw some chips i like. i smile and grab it and then a orange pop. i walked over to the counter and saw a guy with greasy hair.

he smile at me and i just looked at my brother. he came over with alot of other stuff and i just looked at him.

shon-that was a long drive im sure everybody hungry right now

i rolled my eyes and looked at the guy and he started adding the prices up.

shon-can we had pump 3,4,5 and 6 on for 15. the guy nodded and i smile as i pulled out a load full of money.

guy-that will be 67.32 dollars 32 cents. i pulled out a 50 and a 20 bill.

Honey-keep the change.

we grab our stuff and shon walked over to pump gas in our motorcycls. i walked to my mom truck and smile as i handed up the bag of food.

mom-we should be ready now right?

honey-yeah they just pumping gas...did you need any?

mom-no im on a full tank

i nodded and walked over to my motorcycle as shon finished pumping gas for me. i smile at him and he pump his gas and we left to our new house.

we pulled up at our new house and it was HUGE. i smile as i park my motorcycle and went inside to look around.


we were at the house watching mickey mouse as always. i smile as we had our chocolate cake and everything.

Dally-so what we doing later?

sodapop-lets go to the movies

Dally-yeah im down with that

Darry-hey guys

ponyboy-your here early

Darry-im on break

Two-Bit:What going on darry

Darry-there some new people who just move into town today


Darry-im not sure, and i dont know where they stay at either

Dally-so what do you think they are

Darry-well they all got there own car well motorcycle, even the girl they was with had one and she looked around pony age.

Dally-so there most likely going to be some socs

he shrugged and i signed and finished eating my cake.

ponyboy-soda can i get a lighter

he gave me his lighter and i walked on the porch and lite up my cigarette and started smoking. i looked around and saw johnny come out the house.

johnny-want to go to the park

ponyboy-sure you got your blade?

johnny-yeah you?


we left and started walking to the park. we sat on the monkey bars and i signed as i saw a girl walking toward the park where we were at.

she had on a black tanktop and black booty shorts. she had long black hair and light brown skin. she looked at us and smile and walked over to the slide.

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