Ant Farm Fun

One day at the Ant Farm, Olive, Fletcher and Chyna get visited by someone they all admire...
I thought this would be fun to write about
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Olive was sitting on the couch one day before school starting, memorising a whole chapter book. Suddenly Chyna came in, dragging a large, clothed object behind her. "Hey, Chyna," Olive greeted her friend then jumped up to help her carry it. "What is this thing?" She asked, but before Chyna could reply, Olive quickly said, "a guitar?" And started telling her friend all of these facts about them. As they passed the couch they saw Fletcher painting a portrait of Chyna. Seeing her and Olive, he covered it up and went over to help his two friends. As they dragged the guitar along the floor, they accidentally went over Gibson's foot. "Ouch!" Gibson yelled, hopping around the room. Olive gasped. "Sorry, Gibson!" She exclaimed. Chyna tried stifling a laugh at Olive's shocked face and Fletcher just burst out laughing. "It isn't funny!" Olive snapped. Suddenly, Gibson stopped bouncing around a stared at the three. "Now, I was going to tell you something..." He trailed off, picking a strap of liquiroce out of his hair and eating it. "...Oh yeah, Sylvester Jackson is coming to say a speech tonight at the ANT Farm!" He told them, then walked off. Fletcher's, Olive's and Chyna's jaws all fell off. "...Sylvester Jackson, with the amazing musical talents...?" Chyna began. "...And the really good memory...?" Olive added. "...And the guy who got distinctions on all of his art exams...?" Fletcher spluttered. At the exact same time, the three friends turned to look at each other with gigantic grins on their faces...


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