Believe in me (One Direction AU fanfic)

This is an AU 1D story so yeah, it's a lot of sort of mystical stuff and adventure, don't worry there will be romance, I hope you guys enjoy!
Annabelle Parker
Short pixie cut brown hair
Average height
Very thin

Chapter 1

Chapter One

We sat silently in class reading Hamlet to ourselves. The substitute sat at the front of the room flipping through a magazine, glad she didn't have to teach us anything. I imagine she'll be a fantastic teacher one day.
I was just finishing Act Two when something hit me in the back of the head, I didn't need to turn around to know who had thrown the crumpled paper. I gritted my teeth and continued reading.
Once. Twice. Three more times I felt a crumpled paper ball hit either my back or shoulder. I could hear the stifled laughter in the back of the room, and the nearly silent high-fives being exchanged in victory of hitting me once more.
A few minutes went by and I loosened my grip on the book. Just as I had gotten completely relaxed and let the story wash over me, another ball hit me.
That was it. I spun around to face my, less than lovely, life long bully. I could feel the malice towards him burning from my eyes, it's a wonder he didn't burst into flames right then and there.
"Would you please stop throwing things at me?" I whispered angrily.
Harry Styles was an attractive boy, but his handsome factor didn't stop me from hating his very existence with every ounce of myself.
"What will you do about it?" He taunted.
I shot him one last glare and turned back to the front of the room.
Nothing. That's what I was gonna do. Nothing. I would just sit here hating him and then I would go home and harm myself for not being good enough to please everyone, cry myself to sleep, wake up with high hopes that today would be better, and then come right back to this prison hole to have all my hopes for humanity crushed in a second. This cycle would continue for the rest of my High School years. Luckily I was out next year.
I continued reading, pushing all thoughts of actual humans from my mind and delved into Shakespeare's world of ghosts and a mystery and tragedy.
That wouldn't last though. Bliss never does.
"Belle." Harry stage whispered to me.
I remained silent staring intently at the page, but no longer reading.
"Belle!" he called once more.
I faced him, "What the hell do you want from my life?" I nearly yelled at him, but had the humanity to restrain myself. A few people turned to look at us though. The sub remained dormant.
But he had put his head down to make it as though he had never uttered a word.
All was silent, I gruffly faced the front of the room once more.
Idiots, I'm surrounded by idiots. I thought to myself, no longer wanting to read. I would just be interrupted.
I looked out the window and studied the fields and the woods beyond them. It was a bleak morning, nothing much to look at. As I was staring into the woods I saw what seemed like a large dog just standing there, staring towards the school. Then, as though it had seen what it searched confirmation for it turned and stalked back into the brush.
That's odd, I stared after it, there shouldn't be wolves around these parts.
All of a sudden my ears began ringing. I shook my head in an attempt to rid of the noise. Eventually it subsided, although I couldn't help but think it was from an outside source, I mean, it didn't really sound or feel like the ringing was a noise conjured by my brain due to the lack of outside noise. No, this was different.
The bell rang and I let out a sigh of relief.
I stood up with my books in my arms, ready to leave. Of course it wouldn't be that easy. As Harry walked past my desk he ever so kindly knocked the books out of my arms and they fell to the ground with a crash, sending my papers flying everywhere.
I glared at him resisting every urge to just tear him to pieces. His eyes held a venom that could kill if my eyes didn't hold the same poison.
"What are you going to do about it?" He repeated, dragging out every word knowing I wouldn't do a single thing.
I bit back a shout that had building in the back of my throat. We glared at each other and i fantasized about stabbing him with my pen repeatedly then dumping the body out the window. Suddenly, the ringing began again. This time I knew it wasn't in my head. It was probably him with a smart phone app or something.
"Stop that." I demanded as he was about to turn from me.
"No it's fun."
"Not that you idiot, that noise, stop it, it's annoying." I lashed at it.
"What noise?" He asked genuinely confused.
I stared at him equally confused.
"Yeah, you're crazy." He said to me as he walked away.
I was about to retort to that comment before my best friend Louis stepped in front of me, stopping any homicidal advances I had on my mind.
"What was that about?" He asked, handing my books.
"You didn't hear that noise?"
He shook his head. Odd, maybe it was in my head, and that means that I've given harry one more reason to harass me. I groaned as we walked out the door and into the corridor.
"We'll talk about it later okay Annabelle?" he said before we parted ways at the end of the corridor.
I nodded, "yeah, see you later Lou."
He gave me a small wave, and I headed to my next class.
what do you guys think? let me know if you like it!

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