Believe in me (One Direction AU fanfic)

This is an AU 1D story so yeah, it's a lot of sort of mystical stuff and adventure, don't worry there will be romance, I hope you guys enjoy!
Annabelle Parker
Short pixie cut brown hair
Average height
Very thin

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

The next day Harry wasn't in class and I practically skipped for joy! The bell rang to conclude yet another English period of reading. I bounced over to Louis desk as he gathered his books.
"Hi Louis!" I greeted him happily.
He checked, "My, aren't we in a happy mood today?"
I laughed and nodded, "Well today's a beautiful day the sun is shining, the birds are singing, I'm just happy to be alive!" I laughed as we walked out of the room.
"Anna, it's raining outside and the birds are no where to be seen!" he informed me.
"Well Louis, in case you haven't noticed, a certain someone isn't here today!"
"Do you mean Harry? I thought you guys loved each other! I swear every time your eyes meet it's like an explosion of happiness and rainbows." he said sarcastically.
"It might be an explosion, but definitely not of happiness you silly face."
He laughed once more before we parted ways.
Lunch hour rolled around and I waited for Louis in front of the cafe. My morning happiness had ebbed a bit, but I was still ecstatic that he wasn't present today.
I spotted Louis and waved him over.
"Hi Lou!"
"Still happy I see."
"Indeed I am!"
We presented our I.D.'s to the teacher and she let us pass through the doors. We made our way to our usual table and set down our things.
"Hey wanna help me with my math homework Anna?" Louis asked nudging me with his elbow repeatedly and raising his eye brows in a manner that made me seriously consider his sanity.
"I'll help you if you stop touching me." I told him in a voice that you would use talking to a child.
He promptly ceased, and handed me a notebook with a half finished problem. I looked at it for a moment and scoffed.
"Lou, this is a proof." I told him.
He nodded.
"What do you need my help for? These things are easier than breathing."
"What?! No they're not, they're man's most evil creation forced to terrorize High School students!"
"1. that was graphic. 2. all you have to do is basically talk about the two triangles and what makes them equal to each other."
He stared blankly.
I sighed, "I worry about you sometimes." I shook my head as I crossed out his horribly wrong work and completed the problem in five minutes. "There." I said sliding the notebook towards him.
"Annabelle you're my favorite person in the universe." he blew me a kiss.
"Ew sentiment." I cried protecting my face from the hypothetical kiss.
"Seriously though, thanks."
"Eh, it's no pro-" I cut myself off, my head got a sharp shot of pain and my ears rung once more. I put my head down and placed my hands over my ears in an effort to block out the piercing sound. stop it. stop. I thought, begging the noise to remove itself from my mind. As quickly as it began, the noise stopped and I let out a sigh of relief.
Louis' smile had dropped from his face, "It happened again didn't it." he stated.
I nodded, "I just wish I knew what it was! It's definitely not a normal ringing of the ears like after a concert Lou."
He looked at me solemnly, "Well lets hope it is just that."
I loved Lou, I really did. But sometimes all he wanted to do was to just avoid the issue and change the subject and hope for the best. Sometimes, though, that's not what you needed to do. This definitely wasn't normal, and was starting to seriously worry me. It would happen every hour or so, growing stronger each time as if it were trying to warn me of something.
That's preposterous though. A ringing in my mind, trying warn me of what? It's weird enough that it's happening, I just don't want anything to come out of this.
We exchanged light banter for the remainder of the hour until the bell beckoned us to our next classes.
"See you in show choir Louis." I told him.
"Bye Annabelle."
We walked our separate directions.
The last hour of the day was show choir, I walked into the room confident that Harry wouldn't be there to ruin my day as usual. But no, he was there. Must have come in late. I groaned to myself, oh well, it was nice while it lasted. Louis came in shortly after me and sat beside me.
"Hey there sunshine, gray cloud come around and rain on your parade?" he asked noticing my mood had dropped due to Harry's presence.
"Indeed it has."
"Be right back." Louis said holding his empty water bottle he needed to re-fill.
He stepped out of the room and as soon as he was gone Harry was next to me.
"Hey there ugly."
"Hello there mop head."
"I'm sure you missed me the whole day so just here to give you a friendly reminder that you're worthless." I heard his mates snicker behind him. he smiled at their approval.
"You're so kind I could squeeze you to death, in fact I think I might if you don't shove off."
"Whoah, sassy today aren't we?"
"Don't push me Styles."
"What are you go-" he stopped and looked around and focused on the ground. I was confused until I felt it too, the earth was shaking. Just an earthquake I thought. Nothing more, but in the back of my mind I knew this was a little more than just tectonic plates rubbing edges.
Screams erupted from the class and pictures flew from the walls. The ringing attacked my head as though it were a spear piercing my ear drum. I let out a cry of pain and fell to the ground. My hands clutched my head. "STOP IT. STOP, STOP DOING THIS TO ME. STOP!" I yelled in vain. I could feel arms on my shoulders trying to snap me out of it but the pain was too much I opened my eyes and the last thing I saw was Louis standing in the doorway, his mouth formed my name before there was a huge snap and the ceiling collapsed cutting the room in half. I couldn't take it anymore. I shut my eyes and let unconsciousness take me. The ringing ceased, and I heard nor saw no more.
yay another chapter!! thanks anyone and everyone for reading!

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