Believe in me (One Direction AU fanfic)

This is an AU 1D story so yeah, it's a lot of sort of mystical stuff and adventure, don't worry there will be romance, I hope you guys enjoy!
Annabelle Parker
Short pixie cut brown hair
Average height
Very thin

Chapter 3

Chapter Three

I woke up and everything around me was white, well I suppose there wasn't really anything around. It was just a big, white nothing. I stood up and took a few steps forward, looking for a way out. I found nothing. I pinched my self several times over, to try and wake up in the real world. I didn't.
oh shiit, I'm dead, I thought, I'm dead, and gone and never going back.
You're not dead said a voice inside my head. I spun about myself, searching for a logical source. Still, I found nothing.
Okay, I'm dead and crazy. Wonderful!
rang the voice. Something materialized to my left. I gasped as I turned to see a wolf standing in front of me.
Yup, I've definitely lost my mind. I'm dead and I think a wolf is talking to me.
Alas! Still wrong.
I stared at it with shock and probably some fear, in my eyes. Yeah okay, I'm not crazy. I'm not dead. I'm just stuck in a white nothing, with a wolf, talking to wolf through my mind. Is that all? Or did I miss something?
I swear the thing smiled for a split second.
I suppose that's closer.
Alright well would you like to tell me exactly what's happening to me right now if I'm not dead or crazy?
No, I don't think that's quite appropriate for the time being.
I waited for him to continue, when he didn't I thought back to him.
So then why am I here?
Don't worry you'll find out in due time, Annabelle Parker. He looked past me into the distance, as if there were something to see. Seems it's about high time for you to be going, I shall leave you with this for now: Trust him. He's the best hope you have and the only one who can help save you. Without him, without knowing him, you will be lost. Dead and gone and never going back. See you soon Annabelle. The wolf began to fade away.
I was dumbfounded and it took me a moment to react, but I did, wait! what are you even talking about? Trust who? Save me from what? ANSWER ME!
But he was gone, and my vision was blurring. Everything faded to black once more.
kind of a filler for strictly plot

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