My Favorite Character List

This is going to be books, tv, movies, and then everything

Chapter 1


1. Cato/Clove from the Hunger Games ( I alternate them often)
2. Cato/Clove from the Hunger Games
3. Johanna from the Hunger Games
4. Finnick from the Hunger Games
5. Will from Divergent
6. Christina from Divergent
7. Connor from Perfect or Impulse
8. Nia from the Amanda Project
9. Simon from the Mortal Instruments (Sexy vampire mojo strikes again)
10. Sebastian/Jonathan from the Mortal Instruments
11. Foxface/ Mercury Burns from the Hunger Games
12. Luna from Harry Potter
13. Neville from Harry Potter
14. Hermione from Harry Potter
15. Ron from Harry Potter
16. Rue from the Hunger Games
17. Kat from Heist Society (This is the first main character mentioned on this list)
18. Gale from the Hunger Games
19. Annabelle from Just Listen
20. Owen from Just Listen
21. Dani from Stealing Heaven
22. Hale from Heist Society
23. Isabelle from the Mortal Instruments
24. Xander from Matched
25. Indie from Matched

Here, in the top 25, there are only two main characters, Kat and Annabelle. Seven die (Ok,maybe it's really six and a half, since Jonathan is only sort-of dead). I have five ships on this list (Clove and Cato, Indie and Xander, Isabelle and Simon, Kat and Hale, Hermione and Ron). I also sort of ship Finnick/Johannah. Oh,make it six, I almost forgot about Annabelle and Owen. Well,bye!


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