Goodbye my baby. You will be missed :''(

Chapter 1

Fate ripped her from me.

R.I.P my little angel. Time of death- Saturday the 12th May- 5.54 P.M. My guinea pig Fudge died today. She was very sick VERY sick. She had a fit. She was so weak she could not even stand. It killed me to see her in so much pain. The vet tried so hard to save her, but Fudge passed away. I know she's happy now, no longer in pain but i miss her. She's no longer in my arms. Goodbye my little Fudge. You are my angel and I love you :''(

I'm sorry if I do not answer your messages but I can't really just now.I'll be back soon. Try not to clog up my inbox.

Bye Quibblo :''(


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