Don't Stop Me Now

Don't Stop Me Now

This is my Queen fan-fic! :) It's about Freddie Mercury. :D Most likely, it won't be a love story. :P But hopefully, I won't have writer's block on this story and I will be able to finish it! :D It takes place in 1976 in England.

Chapter 1

A Visit From a Dear Friend

Sydney's POV

I sat down on my couch and cracked open a bottle of wine, trying to soothe my pain. My fiance recently called off our wedding, and since then, I started drinking again. Not all the heavy stuff like vodka, mainly just wine and occasionally beer.

My used to be fiance called it off two days before the day we would have been wed, but he admitted he was seeing someone else. Before he left, he handed me all the money he had and told me to start over, and find someone new. How could I, after we've been together so long?

I was doing the finishing touches for a picture my dear friend Freddie Mercury wanted, he wanted me to draw a self portrait of himself. I'm pretty well at drawing, as I've been told, but I don't think I can draw as well as other people can. It's a lot easier for me to draw if I've been drinking.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. I usually don't get too many visitors around here, mainly it's just my mother and older sister. And occasionally the members of Queen, but they're too busy with their music, so I just lounge around all day, everyday.

I answered the waiting visitor, and I wasn't surprised to see it was Freddie. He asked, "Is my picture ready, darling?"

I invited him in and grabbed my sketchbook. "This good enough?"

He looked at the picture with an amazed look, for the picture looked exactly like him. "It's wonderful! It looks just like me!"

I tore the picture out, and handed the piece of paper to him. "Anytime, Freddie. How's the band?"

He sat down on the couch, and answered, "We just came back from our tour, and I felt like stopping by to say hi!"

"Why didn't they come to visit? I don't bite."

He shrugged. "They don't really know you, I guess. I think they're at a bar with Roger."

"But I've met them all before the tour! Roger was so nice...!"

"Oh, he was flirting with you. It was obvious for me, because he does that all the time."

I shrugged. "Oh well..."

Freddie asked, "What about you and Matthew?"

I hanged my head. "He called off the wedding a month ago, right before we were supposed to get married. Obviously, he was drinking, because when he gave me some money, he handed me his whole wallet, and described the whole relationship he had with a different person. My life's been very boring after he left..."

Freddie put his hand on my shoulder. "I'm so sorry, you were too good for him anyways...!"

I wiped my eyes. "It's not your fault, Freddie..."

They're was a long silence, until Freddie said he should probably leave. Great, because now I have nothing to do, yet again. I picked up my wine bottle and started drinking it.

Gaaah, I know it's pretty short, but I've run out of ideas! Don't worry, I still know stuff that's gonna happen, I just don't have any more ideas for this chapter.

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