POEM- "The Feeling Is True"

Hooray for my random poems and having nothing to do! (what's that? Studying? BAHAHA!--No.) Been listening to too many love songs I think xD anyone up for a movie marathon? (NO CHICKFLICKS!) JKjk

Chapter 1

"Love. It's a Four Letter Word, But It Means So Much"

You make me really happy
You can see right through me
I'm an open book,
You can take more than one look,
I'm here if you need me too,
My smile shows up when I think of you,
You're sweet, lovely and beautiful,
Not to mention nice and wonderful,
So stop putting yourself down, 
I promised you I'd have a normal self esteem, 
Can you promise the same for me?
I can't fight this feeling,
I'm not leaving,
This poem is for you, you-know-who
Just to tell the truth,
I love you. 


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