This is for you my dear

its a wonder the many things a friend can do to change your heart and soul, your very self

Chapter 1

This is who you are my dear! why you mean so much to me! thank you :)

by: Screw_it
I'm overemotional and sometimes too much! i know that! Im not perfect..I make mistakes alot...
i don't claim to be or want to be perfect.
I find the most beauty in Imperfection.
It makes you Unique, Precious, Special, Beloved, Beautiful, Amazing, Genuine, YOU
We love you for who you are and nothing less
Your inner beauty shines through everything you do and makes you exactly who you are!
i love you for it dear! i wouldn’t change you for the world!
your imperfection makes you better! it makes friendships beautiful!
No matter how many horrible things you say about yourselves, they will never ever be true!

I wish you would listen to me and believe the things i tell you because i will never lie to any of you. What’s the point?

I am weak..oh so weak..i do not stand well under pressure and am often found in fear and sadness..

You all pull me through..your friendships are the world to me! they are the reason i am still here!
Its beautiful and i never want to lose it.

In life i almost never share anything of significance with anyone because i have trust issues...but are different..i can be vulnerable and open with you and its ok..its different.

The day after i wrote my last rant of craziness..i talked to my one best friend..she pulled me back out of the darkness id hidden myself in

her specific words to me

“ I love you with all my heart! You are a wonderful young woman Corrin , you are sweet and soft spirited. You are beautiful and truly kind. Goodnight My Dear. I love you < 3 ”
(no none of you are allowed to call me by my first name!)

friends have a way of making everything better. listening to them makes a difference! If theyre really your friend they wont lie to you and neither will I.

I am in fact not strong..not even a little. but i pretend. I want to be strong for others. to help them. I feel as though im not as important, that i dont matter as much and neither do my problems, as other people. I just want you to know how amazing you are and how much you mean to me! you help me oh so much.

Most recently I want to thank:

HermioneGrangerWatson (im sorry dear I dont know your name)
and Carli
You girls mean everything to me! thankyou for always being here for me! :)

I love all of you my quibblo friends you are amazing!



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