How YOU can defeat Voldamort

This story has 3 morals:
1: Do not spit pie in peoples faces
2: Do not eat mystery pie
3: Voldamort is not so tough

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The unfortunate incident.

One day I went to a resturant and ordered some pie. I was feeling adventurous that day so I decided to try "The mystery pie" It was all delicious and creamy and chocolatey, so I asked what was in the pie. The waiteress paused before yelling quite rudely in my face: "My snot!" I was so grossed out that I spat the pie in her face. The waitress stood up and peeled a mask of her face. Underneath, was the face of...(Dun dun dun...) VOLDAMORT! Muahahahahaha! I screamed and shoved more snot-pie in his face. He got really angry and yelled: "Changeious youious into Peeta Mellarkious!" While rudely shoving his wand up my nose..

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