How YOU can defeat Voldamort

This story has 3 morals:
1: Do not spit pie in peoples faces
2: Do not eat mystery pie
3: Voldamort is not so tough

Chapter 2

My revenge!

My skin started to feel all bubbly, so I ran to a mirror to look at my reflection, and instead of MY reflection, I found the super cute reflection of: PEETA MELLARK! (Yes, I know, but dont judge me!) I was like: "Wow!" Look at my... It's so cute! When I turned around to thank Voldamort, I was surprised to see, not voldamort, but KATNISS in his place. She was all like: "Marry me Peeta!" And I was all like: "Of course I'll marry you!" Then she morphed back into Voldamort and yelled: "IMMA KILL YOU!" quite loudly. But before he could say avadakadavra, I did what any girl-who-got-changed-into-Peeta-by-Voldamort would do: Kick him very hard someplace...
And as he colapsed on the ground moaning in pain, I grabbed his wand and pointed it at him: "Givious you a boogerious!"
Soon a huge, slimey green booger popped out of his nose, whitch turned out to be his brain. Then a random cow charged in the door singing: "I am cow hear me moo..." And stepped on his face and killed him. The end.

And that, is how YOU can kill voldamort.

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