Can you imagine..............?

What if these celebrities replaced the ones that play the character in the actual movie?These statements may seem rude, but please Im not meaning them to be.Enjoy!

Chapter 1

The Hunger Games

by: Gabbyeads

Katniss-Selena Gomez:shes pretty, but not right for the role.
Peeta-Justin Bieber: I would DIE!!!!! and make my own Hunger Games!(noffense to you JB fans)
Gale-Zac Efron: Im sorry, but I'm tired of seeing his UGLY face!
Prim-Peyton List:She looks to pretty and healthy to play a small poor girl.
Haymitch-Brendon Gleeson:Mad eyeMoody from Harry Potter, he scares me!(I couldn't think of anyone else!)
Effie-Betty White:Ya, she's old. But who wouldn't want to see that!
Cinna-Wes Bentley:It strange while I was reading the books I imagined him!
President Snow-Albus Dumbeldore:(I forget his real name!)It wouldn't be that much different!
Rue-Madison Pettis:She could do it, but I like the original!
Seneca Crane-guy who plays Severus Snape:He'd look scarier!
Well, I dont want to do all of them! Well, maybe 2 more love birds!
Cato&Clove-??????????any ideas?I got nothin!


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