I've Had A Funny Feeling About You -- A Starkid Story

Vivian Anderson has gone through three of the toughest things one can ever go through: a tough breakup, moving, and making all new friends in her new town. But if she thought that Chicago would be the normal, boy-free time that she wanted, she was seriously wrong. With the help of her best friend Ali Gordon and Team Starkid, Vivian's life gets flipped upside-down and she learns a new meaning of following your dreams, friendship, and love...

Chapter 1

Starting Over

“Attention passengers, we will be landing in Chicago, Illinois in approximately fifteen minutes. Please return your seats to their upright and locked position, turn your cell phones and other hand-held appliances off and put your safety belts back on,” sounds the voice of one of the flight attendants throughout the plane. I sigh a breath of relief and turn off my iPhone.I hate planes. Always have. Always will. And it certainly didn't help with all of the confusion and frustration that I've felt lately, all thanks to my wonderful boyfriend...or ex-boyfriend now. He is the reason that I'm on the plane on my way to start up my new life in Chicago, and this time I will do it right. No love, no distractions, just complete and total bliss.
Earlier in the month, a close friend of mine from high school, whom had known about my rocky relationship with my ex-boyfriend, Eric Jenkins, invited me to stay with her and her roommate until I figure out everything. Graciously, I accepted her offer and moved out of Eric's apartment the moment I could
I re-buckle myself into the plush plane seat and tap my foot impatiently, ready to leap off of this flying death contraption at the moment it lands. An hour and a half on a plane is way too long in my opinion.
I feel the plane land roughly on the runway and flinch instinctively. My grip on the arms of my seat slacken once I hear the flight attendant's voice again.
“We have arrived at Chicago Executive Airport. Please exit in an orderly and fashioned manner. Thank you very much for flying with us. Have a great rest of your day.”
I unbuckle yet again, stand up, and dash to get my carry-on luggage. Soon, I am standing in the center of the large airport, counting my suitcases to make sure everything is there. Somewhere in the distance, I hear my name being called and wheel around just in time to see a tiny brunette running full-throttle toward me. She threw herself at me barely as I opened my arms to hug her back.
“Vivi!”exclaims Ali Gordon, one of my best friends since my freshman year of high school.
“Hey, Ali!” I shout back, jumping up and down as giddy as ever.
When we release, I take a moment to really look at my best friend. She looks so similar to how I left her our senior year that I'm almost positive that she hasn't aged. She is still the same cute, little doe eyed girl with the strangest personality that I hadn't seen for two years.
“How's college? Was the transfer hard to adjust to?” I ask her, hugging her once more.
“No, no no! Everything's going great! Did you look up the musicals I told you about?” she questions, holding my arms tightly.
I nod, remembering the insane musicals that she and her friends performed. “Of course!” I give her a playful shove. “And you would play the Jewish whore.”
She laughs. “Well, if the shoe fits.”
I join in the laughter and a black haired girl with hazel eyes and tan skin clears her throat. Ali jumps back and gives her a slight push forward. She extends here hand to me and I shake it.
“Vivi, this is my roommate, Katrina Harrison. Katrina this is Vivian Anderson, my absolute best friend in this entire world,” Ali introduces us. I give Katrina a friendly smile.
“It's nice to meet you,” I tell her.
“You too!” she replies enthusiastically.
“Did you play a whore in the musical, too?”
She laughs and waves her hand nonchalantly. “Nope, a vagina.”
I chuckle and spend some time getting to know Katrina, or Trina as she prefers to be called, and catching up with Ali before we all get into their car. I check my phone and see three new messages from Eric. Hearing me sigh, Ali turns around from the passenger's seat to face me.
“You don't need that kind of douche-baggery in your life. You're perfect and funny and smart and a lovely woman!” she says. “And you wear great pajamas on an airplane!”
Finally, I crack a smile. “Thanks, Ali.” I look back down at my phone and delete each message. He doesn't need to be a part of my life anymore, and I won't let him be.
I look back up at Ali and she is nodding in approval. “You know what I think you need?” She bats her large doe eyes at me.
“Oh, I think I know what she needs,” Katrina joins in. I roll my eyes.
“Humor me. What do I need?” I ask sarcastically.
“Disney movie marathon!” they shout together. Again, I laugh.
“You don't have to, guys. I just want a nice night of relaxing tonight,” I tell them. I notice Katrina give me a strange look through the mirror.
“How in the world are Disney movies not relaxing?”
I shrug, knowing that she did make a valid point. “Fair enough. Which ones would we watch?”
“Hah! Better question!” interrupts Ali. “Which ones aren't we going to watch?”
I let out a giggle and Katrina floors it out of the airport. She drives through street after street until we reach a large mansion, big enough to house a large group of people. My eyes go wide at the sight of it.
“If you tell me that this is where you live, I will shit myself,” I tell them with complete honesty, my jaw freely hanging.
Ali laughs. “No, we live in a baby apartment. This is just where we're going to have the movie marathon.”
I raise an eyebrow, curiously. “Where are we?”
She draws in a deep breath, as though she is about to pull some dramatic speech from thin air. I resist the urge to roll my eyes at Ali's goofy personality when she finally says, “We, my dear best friend, are at Starkid manor.”

Vivian's outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/vivians_outfit_on_plane/set?id=44157481&lid=1535894

Let me know if you want chapter 2! Love y'all for reading! Muah muah muah!

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