I am afraid of 26 out of 73 common fears

Most of the stuff I'm afraid of I don't show that I'm afraid, I try to act brave, but really I'm a wuss

Chapter 1


If you get more then 30, I strongly recommend some counseling. If you get more then 20, your paranoid. If you get 11-20, you are normal. If you get 10 or less, you're fearless. People who don't have any are FULL OF CRAP. Tag 20 of your friends and find out whether or not they suffer paranoid.

I fear ...

[] Black people

[X] the dark (total darkness)

[X] staying single forever

[] being a parent

[X] being in front of others

[] open spaces

[] closed places

[X] heights

[] dogs large ones

[] birds

[] fish

[X] spiders

[] flowers or other plants

Total so Far: 5

[] Fire

[X] deep water

[] Snakes

[] silk

[X] the ocean (deep water)

[X] failure

[] success

[] thunder/lightning

[] frogs/toads

[] my boyfriends/girlfriends dad

[] my boyfriends/girlfriends mom

[] rats

[X] jumping from high places (although I do it anyway)

[ ] snow

Total so Far: 9

[] rain

[] wind

[X] crossing hanging bridges

[] death

[X] heaven....

[X] being robbed/mugged/r^ped

[X] falling

[] clowns..

[] dolls

[X] large crowds of people

[] men

[] women

[X] having great responsibilities

[X] doctors (yes, very much)

[X] dentists

[] tornadoes

Total so Far: 17

[] hurricanes

[X] incurable diseases

[X] sharks

[] Friday the 13th

[] ghosts

[X] poverty

[] Halloween

[] school

[] trains

[] odd numbers

[] even numbers

[X] being alone (unless im at home, or at a family's place)

[X] becoming blind (I wouldn't be able to read, or watch tv)

[X] becoming deaf (I wouldn't be able to listen to music)

[] growing up

[] fairies/Edward Cullen (:

[X] creepy noises in the night

[X] not accomplishing my dreams/goals

[X] needles

[] blood

Total: 26

Now re-post with title "I'm afraid of X out of 73 common fears


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