The Stumble into Love (a Joey Richter Love Story)

So I decided to write a Joey Richter love story (I hope this isn't creepy!) It's about Emily Marie Young and her going on the Apocalyptour!

Chapter 1

chapter one (so creative right?)

Name: Emily Marie Young
Age: 23 years olds
Personality: Outgoing, loves to act and sing, though not the best dancer, funny, childish
Looks: Brown wavy hair, high cheekbones and brown eyes, looks exactly like Victoria Justice
Outfit for chapter one:
I was excited. But I mean you can’t really blame me. You see it all started today at around one o’clock. The sun was just peeking out of the clouds, which in April Chicago weather that’s almost as unlikely to happen as it is for pigs to fly. But as I was saying the sun was out so I decided to take a walk around taking in all the sunlight I could, when I came across a lady drowning in the lake and I just had to jump in and save her!! Haha nah just kidding, in reality I just came across Brolden. And of course I had to talk to him! But I guess he was too excited to talk, he saw me and came running over and told me to come with him to the manor because he has some exciting news! This probably means we are doing another play! I mean after being Cho Chang in AVPM and AVPS, Vanessa in MAMD and February in Starship, I was ready to do another! See I couldn’t do Holy Musical B@man, so having the idea of doing another one makes me excited!!! And that’s the end of my little meeting Brolden on my walk… Back to the present!
Brian and I were walking to the manor were he and some of the boys lived (while Lauren and I share an apartment a couple of minutes away( when I started asking him the stereotypical annoying questions (you know the questions in movies when couple’s plan a surprise and the girl always asks the guy were they are going, yaah? Well I asked those questions, except Brian and I weren’t a couple.. Eww, that would be so gross he is like my brother,) “What’s the surprise??? Is it good? Are we doing another musical!?”
“Emily you’ll find out in like 5 minutes I want to announce it to the whole group!”
Ugh fine Mr. Moody Pants, I’ll listen to music instead for the rest of the drive… Okay, so when we finally arrived at the Manor Mr. Moody Pants and I ran inside. I entered the kitchen to see that Walker and Lauren were doing an arm wrestling contest, obviously Joe was winning. So I being the totally awesome person I am snuck behind Lauren and pushed her hand down making her win!
“Hey I was going to win,” Joe said.
“Well Brian wants to have a Starkid meeting so he wants everyone in the living room now.”
“Finee,” he whined.
So together we walked to the living room as the three best friends (hehe anyone know that song… No? Okay) we were. Once we go there Lauren and Walker ran over to the love seat (aka the only seat not taken) leaving me the floor to sit on, ugh… Since we were the last one’s there Brian came over with and said something that would change my life for about a month. We were going on tour, again!

AN: Sorry it's probaly really bad (I'm a new writer) and pretty short! Though I will try to update soon!

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