Ways to annoy Orochimaru

Ways to annoy Orochimaru

I do not own Naruto

anyway this is gunna be a script
G = me ('cos of my name)
O = Orochimaru

Chapter 1

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by: xKiraxs
G: Orochimaru?
O: Yes?
G: Oh, I'm sorry I mean micheal jackson.
G: stares blankly over Orochimaru's shoulder
O: What are you look at? looks behind him
G: Made you look!!
O: This morning I woke up and I saw rocks and dirt all around my room, I thought it couldn't be Kabuto so it has got to be you...
G: OK you got me!
O: Why did you do it?
G: .....I thought snakes liked the dirt!
O: * walks in room in front of all the sound ninjas*
G: Look everyone points at orochimaru it's the Micheal Jackson of Naruto!
O: Why do you always annoy -
G: hisses
O: Why do you always-
G:hisses more loudly
G: *Hisses quietly
G: Hey Orochimaru?
O: Yes?
G: Why don't you wipe that chalk from your face?
G: I have to tell you the.....horrible truth....
O: What?!
G: Sasuke will never love you....
G: follows Orochimaru around.
minutes later
G: Sings do you like waffles
g: Hey......When is your baby due?"
G: shaves Orochimaru's hair off
O: Why did you shave my hair off?
G: Hi Voldermort.
Orochimaru walks into a room full of sound ninja
G: Oh my god........The return of Micheal Jackson!!

G: Big purple bows are way out of fasion.....


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