What Would I Change? (A StarKid Story)


Chapter 1

He couldn't have meant it... could he?


"Alright Richter, have you and Dylan decided?" Julia asks coming up to her friend.

"Blonde, about 5'3",grey Tshirt, black Hammerpants, brown eyes stage right, about 13"

"OK Joey, during the Super Friends dance, point directly at her so we know who she is,"

"Oki doki. Now lets go out for the 'encore'"

My point of view (in the crowd)

"I wanna be your friend forever!" Joey points at ME! Joseph Michael Richter pointed at me! Of 1500 people Joey pointed at me!

Why me? Why not any of the prettier girls around me? I mean, Jaime pointing at me is one thing. I mean, she's a glow* girl. Of course she's gonna point to the smaller and uglier one.

But Joey? No. He'd point at the pretty and sexy girls or maybe the ones his age. But me? A stupid 13 year old who know WAY too many StarKid songs for her own good... No.

He didn't. He had to be pointing at someone else... but then why did he look me in the eyes?

Was it because before I had been one of the only ones who knew Fancy Machine by heart? I mean, Dylan winked at me. I WAS pretty much the only one singing of the 1500 fans... but is that reason for Joey to say he wants to be my friend... but is that reason he wants to be my friend forever?

God, Sarah-Grace you're so stupid! Its part of the song. He didn't really mean it... or did he?

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