It Was You?! (A Starkid Story)

Hey, new story that I wrote a while ago and I was debating whether or not I should put it up.

It's a Joe Walker story that's like Little Numbers and stuff. I've written quite a lot, so there's more to come.

The girl who's texting Joe is me but with a few changes.

Please comment and tell me what you think!

Joe Walker
Anybody else

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

~ I think this is the fastest I've ever updated before ~

(SUNDAY, 12th February 2012)

What should I eat for breakfast?

I said you'd be back!

Shut up and answer my question.

Okay, okay! What do you usually eat for breakfast?

Vegemite on toast

Isn't vegemite Australian?


Are you Australian?

Yeah I am, but I don't live there anymore :(

Where do you live now?

I can't tell you

Why not?

You could come find me and slit my throat then bake me into a pie.


Sweeney Todd! Geez, do you know anything?

Oh. I know everything!... Except that

And my name, age and where I live.

Yes, well, that's because you won't tell me

Do you want me to tell you something?


Sweeney Todd is my favourite movie and musical.

Well, that's good to know but I thought you were gonna tell me your age or something


So you like musicals?

I sure do. What about you?

Yeah, I've been in a couple

Anything I would have heard of?

I don't know, it's mainly just stuff from college

Oh okay, sounds cool.

Now can you tell me where you live? Like what state or something? I promise I won't make you into a pie

I don't know... Why do you want to know? You don't even know me

But I kinda feel like I know you. You're a girl that's over 18, is Australian, eats Vegemite and likes musicals, especially Sweeney Todd. All I need to know now is your name and where you live.


I'm not a stalker! You told me all of those things.

But you remembered them...

I have a good memory

Sure you do. I'll tell you my name and where I live when I know more about you.

What do you want to know?

Umm...what's your favourite colour?

Somewhere between violet and magenta. What about you?

That was very specific for a guy... Are you gay?
Oh and I like purple

No, I'm not gay

Alright, whatever.

I'm not

Okay, but what do you have against gay people?

Nothing, I just don't want you to think that I'm gay

Why? Because you're hoping to get into my pants?

I don't even know you

Okay. I gotta go do some stuff, talk to ya later

Who said I wanna talk to you later?



~Whispers~ Are you awake?

~Whispers~ Yeah, what do you want? And why are we whispering?

Nothing, I'm just bored. We're not whispering?

Oh, so you have no life

I never said that

If you had a life then you wouldn't be bored

My friends just left my place, so now I'm bored

Go to sleep then. It is night time where you are?

I don't wanna go to sleep. And yes it is

You're like a little kid

No I'm not!

Well... Play a video game! Do you like video games?

I love them! Do you?

I like them

Like? You either love them or you hate them

Fine then, I love them

I thought you were about to say that you hate them! Thank God you didn't

I play them all the time, but right now I'm sleepy, night x

I play them all the time too! Goodnight. A kiss hey? Getting serious are we?

In your dreams, stalker

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