My life in if you want (UPDATED)

These are some of the essays ive been required to write for english


Chapter 3

Elementary Years

by: Screw_it
In elementry school I often went back and forth between being bullied and being the bully. When I was small and intimidated, I was often treated poorly. When I was taller and more confident in myself, I chose to hunt down others. What goes around, comes around.

When I was in first grade, I started attending my third new school. I was short, awkward, four-eyed, and clumsy. On the first day, a girl began to pick on me. Her name was Brittany Geiger and she was horrible. She was much shorter and smaller than I, but she had a massive attitude. She made fun of my name and the way I looked. She would hit me and write mean notes and stick them in my desk. I eventually made a few friends, but they soon turned away because of Brittany. I dreaded going to school each morning. I wouldn't do my homework just so that I could have recess detention and avoid her. Most days she made me cry.

The next year I was in the same school but Brittany was not. I soon took over her role as a bully. I hung out with all of her old friends. We were comprised of the meanest and scariest girls in class. I was small but had a very bad attitude. One of the other girls in my group would pull hair and cuss. Another was the biggest girl in our grade. Everyone was scared of her. We would find people on the playground and intimidate them until we got what we wanted. By the end of the year, I had done something to make the others angry. They turned against me. I was very scared and hadn’t a friend in the world. I had managed to alienate everyone I knew.

In third grade I moved to a new school once again. This was my fourth run as the new kid. By this time I was pretty good at it. I would change myself to make people like me and get what I want. I was soon in a “clique” with the worst kids in class again. We were the smallest girls in our grade, but we were also the most powerful. Every other girl in the group had gone to the same school for all of elementry and they all had money. I was very poor but was good at making it seem like I wasn’t. I learned how to act very well that year. i had managed to create a completely different person for myself. I took control of every situation, whether it involve me or not. I like to play games and mess with people. I was a real jerk. We followed people around antagonizing them. We often made people cry. It was horrible.

Everything changed when I moved to Indiana and began fifth grade. The school start date was in August rather than September as it had been in Michigan. I wasn’t able to attend school until the second or third week. By this time I hated being the new kid. It really sucked. It had been two years since I had changed schools and had forgotten how to get my way. Over the course of the year I made two, maybe three, friends. I just didn’t care anymore. I was always frightened to go to school because I had another bully. She would antagonize me everyday. I did nothing about it because I deserved It. I was getting my just desserts for the way I had acted in previous grades.

I struggled a lot with being a nice person when i was in elementary. I was often rude and hateful toward others because of how i was treated. I was lashing out from my past. I acted very callow and would take it all back if I could.

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