The Room Of Secrets (An original story by me)

This book is about a room, yes, it does have some people in it, but it is mainly about a room. A room that contains many secrets, some good, some bad, that could change your life. But our story does not start in this secret room, it starts in the home of a certain Marty Louis…

Chapter 1

Introduction to the Louis family

Marty Louis was the middle child of a family of 5. Her sister, Felicia the oldest child, was a gorgeous 17 year old, with many friends, and a very adoring boyfriend. Blair, the youngest child, was a 10-year-old genius, and she was a picture of health. Now Marty on the other hand, (which by the way was 14) the middle child, was skin and bones, and had no good looks or brightness to her at all. She was just the dull middle child, and ashamed to be so. She always spelled her name Marti, instead of Marty, because the spelling Marty was for a boy, and though she dreaded the name Marty, even with an I, her parents would not let her change it. Marty’s parents were strict, but fine parents. The father, John, was a fine author of the best selling series: ‘Unfound.’ The mother, Trudy, was a housewife, clean and tidy as a mother should be, and a stern mother who brought up her children properly. They were a picture perfect family… all except Marty.


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