You are the reason I live (Sodapop Love Story)

Ever had those days when You feel like there is only one person who keeps you alive? well Jassi Opal Brown doesn't believe anyone is out there for her. Until she meets a certain boy after saving her from some Socs. That boy is Sodapop Curtis who is currently not himself since Sandy left...After hanging out with each other they will find out that fate has a way to work out in the end.

Chapter 1

Character Information

Name: Jassi Opal Brown

Age: 16

Looks: very dark bown hair that is wavy and goes to her shoulders, magenta eyes, light skin, sad smile, can see her emotions through her eyes

Personality: quiet, sad, when happy very funny, understanding, caring

Family: her mom is dead, dad is a drunk who abuses her, she feels like she doesn’t even have a real family, only one sibling who is in Italy trying to have a better life.

Other: her dad blames her for what happened to her mom, but she died of cancer, very depressed, Soda and Twobit always try to cheer her up

Friends (in order): Soda, Twobit, Pony, Johnny, Darry, Steve, and Dally

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