Nick Jonas Love Story

Nick Jonas Love Story

So this story is about a girl that left her country and she moved to New Jersey then she met Nick Jonas and blah blah blah :P I'll let u figure out by yourself ;) Hope you like it dyanaxox

Chapter 1

New Place

Mom ; come on Dyana wake up we have to leave Dyana ;But Mom it's 6 o'clock Mom ; we have a plan to catch so wake up NOW!! we don't want to be late Dyana; Okay fine i'm up and it's you that don't want to be late i don;t even know why we are leaving Mom;enough with the blah blah go and wake up your sister and by the way Maryam's mom is driving us to the airport maryam is her best friend 15 minutes later DYANA'S POV me:Ingie wake up we're leaving in half an hour Ingie;You have got to be kidding me half an hour how i'm i supposed to get ready hello ppl we are going to New Jersey that mean cute boys ,,,,, i left the room she won't shut up ,, so i went to the bathroom brushed my hair and teth and i wore blue skinny jeans and a pink t-shirt Mom : WE ARE LEAVING NOW Me; OKAY I;M COMMING * i went to Ingie and i told her that we are leaving then i went to Mrs.Boushy's car* Me:hey mrs.boushy hey maryam Maryam ;Hello her voice cracked Me; alright ,, look i know you are up set that i'm leaving i am to but you know that our friendship is strong and we can get through this Maryam; But tears i'll miss you Me : I-- i got cought off by Ingie's voice Ingie ; hey pps let;s go i can't wait till we go there The hole ride was silent and at the half of the road maryam fell asleep i thanked god because i'm sure that she will be crying when i leave she's my best friend i don't know how i can live without her it will be hard .. so as soon as we arrived at the airport i said bye to mrs boushy and mom thanked mrs boushy for driving us and i told Mrs.Noushy to leave Maryam sleeping and that i will call her when i arrive to NJ i know she will kill me later but i don't want to see her crying and most of all i don't want to go through the 'goodbye' moment with her The mic guy : ATTENTION PLEASE THE PLANE LEAVING FOR NEW JURSEY IS LEAVING IN 15 MINUTES THIS IS THE LAST CALL PLEASE GO TO GATE 5 Mom ; Let's go girls Ingie; YAY !! * i just followed them i wasn't that excited i mean it's w new place and my best friend isn't with me nothing special * Oh but you don;t know there will be something special :p so this is chapter one i know it's not that good but i promise it will get better

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