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In the year 3123, things are not well. In america, now know as the libertatem reipublicae, or liberty republic, has made enemies with the strongest empires in the world. Scientists turn to genetic engeneering. They alter babies DNA to that of a super human. At 13, they are kidnapped and trained to use their powers and become soldiers. Their plan seems to be working until a small group of soldiers goes rogue. The kids will use all their will power to stop the repupublic. But will it be enough?

Chapter 1


I blink my eyes open, wondering where I am. I am stretched out on what appears to be an operating table. There are 2 boys next to me on opposite beds. There is a curtain that can be used to separate us. I am dressed in a white hospital gown. My immediate reaction is to grab my hunting knife that I stash in my combat boots and run. But then I realize I must be in the Lab. I must be 13. When you live in the Hollows, on the summer solstice the scientists thirteen-year-olds who show potential to the lab. The thirteen year olds were injected with some kind of combustable DNA as babies. At the Lab, they place you in groups that fit your skills. The scientists go on about how much an honor it is to be chosen. Personally, I think afterwords they brain wash you to become their personal little zombies. They train you for a few weeks until you are prepared for the Games. Those who show more potential are given the better powers. The white coats strengthen your skills and sometimes can program for the kids to get new powers as rewards. Lets say, defeat 20 soldiers and get super speed or something. They are used as mini nuclear weapons against other countries. Let's just say Libertatem Reipublicae, or Liberty Republic, doesn't have a good rap. 

"Are you Winter Davidson?" 

I look up from the operating table to see the person addressing me. She looks young, maybe 20. She has bleach blonde hair and striking blue eyes. She didn't seem very tall, standing only a bit taller than the "bed." 

"Yes, I'm Winter," I confirm. 

She nods, seeming satisfied. 

"I am Circe Polentez. I am Dr. Robert's assistant. Dr. Robert will be checking to make sure your powers are programmed correctly. I am going to give you this shot. It knocks you out long enough for us to do the surgery. It may cause dizziness, impaired vision, loss of sensation in your legs, and delayed judgement after use." 

Without giving me a chance to respond, she pulls out a long, pointed shot and jabs in into a vein in my arm. For a scary moment, nothing happens. Then, with my body fighting not to be put to sleep, I am pulled under into a dark trance.  

My head throbs as I sit up. I take a look around. The patients about my age look as confused as I am. The boy next to me is still knocked out cold. His shiny black hair covers his closed eyes. His arm hangs over the side of the table. It's been about 20 minutes since I've woken up & the guy still hasn't woken up. Maybe he died. It's happened before. Probably not though. If he was dead, his body would be removed from the Lab already. I sit cross legged on the metal table. Some of the patients are beginning to walk around with dazed, first steps. Finally, the boy stirs and sits up. He rubs his eye and looks at me. 

"What's your name?" he asked in a tired voice. 

"I'm Winter Davidson," I inform him. 

He tells me, "I'm Blake Hunter."

I nod. I've heard of him. Blake is known around the Hollows for his archery. I was a pretty good archer myself, though not as good as Blake. 

"I wonder what power I have?" I think aloud. 

Blake shrugs.

"I wonder if our powers work right now," he wonders. 

A scientist with an oversized lab coat walks into the room and stands in the front of the room. He pushes up his glasses on the thin frame of his nose. 

"Hello everybody. I am Dr. Lewis. I am the head of this company.  Many of you have achieved the same power. Others have more advanced and unique talents. There are only about five or six of you that achieved those powers. You few that achieved the maximum ability level, will be placed in the same training group. All of you have enhanced senses. Super hearing, smell, speed, ect. We will now split you into groups. 

Group 1: Darren Waters, Sam Manchester, Sarah Ripper, Penny Call, and Caleb Richards

Group 2: William Daniels, Quinn Terse, Molly Burnstein, Karen Bricker, and Cecie Dolia

Group 3: Thalia Runner, Smith Welsh, Parker Sells, Samantha Burns, and Cam Petter

Group 4: Michael Everdeen, Grover Anderson, Campbell Finder, Parker Milller, Amy Tillen

Group 5: David O'Connor, Jasmine Beckner, Taylor Car, Percy Dammen, and Andre Jackson

Group 6: Winter Davidson, Ross Hartwood, Calvin Hudson, Zane Acres, and Blake Hunter

These will be your groups for training. You will train together, eat together, and be together for the next few weeks. Your trainers will explain the rules and answer any questions. Dismissed." 

The room broke into chaos. People trying to find their groups, people milling around looking for friends. Eventually, 6 adults entered the room and screamed for out attention. The six spread to different sections of the room and held up their groups number like teachers do in kindergarten. I wasn't complaining though. It was much easier this way. 

I made my way over to the trainer of Group Six. He was medium height and very muscular. He looked to be in his mid-thirties. His brown hair was cropped and his eyes a dull grey. In a few minutes my group had assembled. 

"My name is Mike Reiner but you can call me Mike. I'd like to know your names and your talents." 

A tall, strong looking boy with blonde hair began.

"My name is Calvin Hudson. I'm good at sword fighting & swimming."

Next was Blake. 

"I'm Blake Hunter. I'm good at archery."

The boy with a dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes was third.

"I'm Zane Acres. I'm... Smart? Is that even a talent? If not, I don't know why I'm here." 

The boy with dark brown hair and bluish green eyes sitting beside me was next. 

"I'm Ross Hartland. I'm good at communicating with people and animals."

And lastly, me. 

"I'm Winter Davidson. I'm average at archery but I'm good at climbing trees and sword fighting. I'm also good with animals. I'm pretty average at most thing though," I say in a doubtful voice. 

Mike nods, seeming satisfied. 

"Ok. So now I will tell you your powers." 

Mike pulled a tablet out of his pocket and started flipping through it.

"Hmmm..." he hums thoughtfully. 

"It seems that there has been a mistake in the Lab. They gave you each other's AND your own powers. That means you're twice as strong as the others." 

I can't really see how this is a bad thing. I mean, we're stronger. 

Mike taps a few keys onto his tablet and mutters a few pass codes into it. In a split second, Group six is surrounded by scientists in large, white suits that look an awful lot like space suits. We try to fight back, but their numbers overwhelm us. In my struggle, I end up knocking someone's Henry off their head. I gape at who it is. Colin. My older brother. I'd always assumed he'd be a soldier, not a guard. He smiles at my expression as they drag me down the hall. 

"Goodbye little sister," he snarls as they shove my teammates and I into a small, metal room. The bulky door latches shut behind us. 

"Uggghhh! This sucks!" I yell before thrusting my fist at the metal wall. I quickly pull my hand back, realizing what I did was both stupid and rash. I examine my hand, expecting broken knuckles. I look up to the wall, expecting to see little dots of blood. Instead, I see a hand sized indentation, engraved deep into the wall. I look around to my fellow inmates in awe. 

"I think we figured out our first power."

I tuck my head between my knees as I curl up in the corner to sleep. My eyes flutter close, attempting to think of comforting thoughts. I find no comfort in any thought, so I instead look to the future for hope. Hope will find me. And if I have no hope, then I am like an empty box. Like Pandora's box after Hope was released. I will keep hope. I will protect my new family. 

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