Miss Me?

Chapter 1

My explanation

Hey everybody! I thought That I should give you guys an explanation as to why I haven't done as much as log in until now.

Besides dealing with my second year of high school, I have had to try and cope with my lows. Those being emotionally and physically hard on me at times. Back in June of 2011, I was told by a councillor that I may be depressed. I have since been unsure if I am for sure, but I may never know. I am still try to pull myself out of a constant low to this day. I am managing to keep myself a float somehow... No worries though people! :)

I have been writing a new story and posting it on FanFiction.net. I have gotten good response to it over there so I may post it on here under the same name but with some changes to it. If you would like any more info on that feel free to message me!


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