Chapter 1

DONE! :)

If u r reading this u have survived my mass elimination of friends. i went from 399 to 205. i guess i should tell u how it all went down. well some people havent been online in months or even years. i got rid of them. if they havent been on in at least 2 months they had to have done something pretty good (like a good chat or comment a lot) for me to keep them. i got rid of huge spammers who i never had contact with whatsoever. i also got rid of people who didnt care for me or my quizzes/stories. i got rid of people who in general i never talk to or have any contact with. i kept all new friends and old and dear friends and current friends which is all of u. so thanks for a being a good friend. i really apreciate it. once again congratz! i hope i get to know u if ur new and i hope we can still continue to be friends if we already are.


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