Meant to be- (Harry Style's love story)

Meant to be- (Harry Style's love story)

This one i wrote cause i figured, why not? I hope you all enjoy it as much as i did writing it. Comments and criticism always wanted :) Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Crushing from afar

by: 1D4Life
I stared diagonally across the room at him in a dreamy way, not even paying attention to the teacher talking. I had the biggest crush on him since the 8th grade and now being a sophomore; it was even bigger than before. His name was Harry; Harry Styles. He had the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen and the curliest brown hair. He was tall, and some what built, but his smile always took my breath away. Almost every girl in school had a crush on him but EVERY girl at school liked him. He was smart, not a jerk, and knew all the right things to say.
As for me, well I'm a dork. I wore designer glasses, cute clothes, and wore my hair pin straight almost every day. I had my own circle of friends and was kind of an outsider looking in. I got along with everyone though, got great grades, came from a good home, that kind of thing. I talked to Harry now and again but, he was considered one of the popular ones and I didn’t want to get caught up with the girls and jocks in that group. The good thing about him though that I truly liked, was that he moved around; he didn’t focus on one group, he was social with practically anyone. If only he noticed me, I think my life would be complete.

"Victoria. Victoria!" My teacher yelled. I sat up straight in my chair and looked at him, eyes wide open.
"Yeah?" I said looking right at him. The whole class turned in their seats and faced me, including Harry.
"Can you explain to me what Lincoln tried to do during his presidency?" I froze in my seat.
"Uh…uh-um…." I stuttered. I looked around at everyone's faces and saw my friend Katie. She mouthed the answer to me and I shifted my gaze to Harry who just stared at me with his gorgeous eyes. I looked back at Katie and she urged me to answer while repeating what she just said.
"Abolish slavery?" I said.
"Right, thank you to whoever gave her the answer, now if we look at this……" I settled back into my seat and resumed my thoughts completely ignoring everything else. The bell rang and I quickly gathered my books and pressed them to my chest as I sped out of the room.
"Hey, wait up!" I heard Katie shout from behind. I spun around on my heels and watched her catch up with me.
"Why in such a rush? Something on your mind?" She asked as we continued to walk. I thought about Harry and saw him with a few friends and some girls, laughing over something.
"Uh, no." I said as I reached my locker.
"Uh, okay. Sit with me at lunch?" She said.
"Don't I always?" I said smiling.
"True." She smiled back and walked to put her books away. I shut my locker and collided into someone, knocking my glasses off as well.
"Sorry about that." The person said handing me my glasses. I put them on and looked up. It was Harry.
"Oh it's okay." I struggled to get the words out. He flashed a smile and I melted.
"You're….Victoria right?" He questioned.
"Yeah, yeah that's me." I sounded like an idiot. I didn’t even think he knew I existed, even though everyone practically knew who I was just because of my dad who is very successful in the sports car business. Someone called his name and he looked over his shoulder.
"Okay! See you around." He waved goodbye to me and jogged off back to his friends. I felt my cheeks get real hot and I walked away quickly to the cafeteria to sit with Katie and a few other friends of mine.
"Whoa. You are as red as a cherry!" Kyle announced, that only made me blush harder.
"Did you see Harry?" Ali teased.
"I did as a matter of fact." I said.
"Really." Katie seemed shock.
"Yeah." I said.
"What he say?" Logan asked.
"If my name was Victoria and I said yes. Then he was called off and that was it." I folded my hands on my lap.
"Baby steps, baby steps." Kyle teased.
"Shut up." I said hitting him lightly. We all got up and got our food before returning to our conversations back at the table.
"So did you hear about the "Battle of the Bands" showdown?" Katie said.
"Yep. Logan and I are already signed up." Kyle said putting an arm around Logan.
"Yeah, we're gonna blow the competition away." Logan added.
"Who else signed up?" I asked.
"Some nerds from the chess club, some Goth group, a girl band, and a group called "The White Eskimos"." Kyle said.
"That's Harry's group!" I lit up like a rocket.
"Stalker much?" Ali said.
"No, I just heard him talking to Chase Growden about it and he said that name." I stated.
"I didn't know he did that kind of stuff." Katie said.
"Me either." Ali added.
"The principal also said that the winner gets to play at prom." Kyle pointed out. I looked at him in disbelief.
"That's only 3 weeks away!" I exclaimed.
"You sound like you forgot." Ali said.
"I did until now!" I said.
"You have something to wear right?!" Katie asked in a worried tone.
"Of course she does! Have you seen her closet?!" Ali said. It's true; since my dad makes a fortune from selling high end sports cars, I practically have a runway in my closet; I don't show off though.
"Yes. I have." Katie snapped. We left the cafeteria and I headed to my next class. I took my normal seat next to Kyle at our lab station. Harry walked in and my eyes followed him all the way to his seat before Kyle waved his hand in front of my face. I snapped out of it and our teacher who we all call Professor, came in and started class.

"Now today we are going to start a project with molecules and atoms. I have already assigned you all partners in advanced. You will be working with each other for just this project so don't worry." I looked around the room hoping I didn’t get stuck with someone terrible. Professor began to read the list out loud and my heart started to race so fast I thought it would jump out.
"Dylan and Sam. Dave and Keith. Kyle and Chloe….." I shut my eyes and crossed my fingers.
"Please, please, please." I prayed inside my head.
"Victoria and Harry." I opened my eyes and looked at Professor who finished reading the list and everyone started to get up and sit with their new partners. I sat on my stool and watched Harry walk over with his books under his arm towards me. I looked away and scanned my own books. He took his seat silently and I didn’t know what to do. Do I talk to him? No I would just mess it all up. Maybe I should. No probably not. I debated like this for a little while before he spoke up.
"So since we're going to be partners we should probably schedule a time after school to work on this." He suggested. I just looked into his eyes and winced a little.
"Yeah, sounds great." I said.
"How about today? Say, the park at 3?" He said.
"Sure." I smiled and he smiled back. The bell rang and he stood up and started to leave.
"See you at 3 then." He walked away and I did the same. I stopped outside the classroom and had a reality check. Me and Harry, in the park, studying, alone. It was a dream and nightmare coming true all at once.

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