My version of HP

I arrived into the world on the third of July in 1980. They named me, Sylvia Lily Black Potter Snape. Lily was my mothers name, black the last name of my godfather, Potter and Snape both my last names. A year before my mother and stepfather were killed, my step brother, Harry Potter was born. We share only one thing in common. That is the lightning shape scar we wear each in different places. Mine on the back of my left hand and Harry's on his forehead. I’m going to tell you all about that.

Chapter 1

Chapter One-The Scars

After my mother gave birth to me, her and my father had a long argument over who would get custody over me, they were never married but it seemed like they got married divorced and had me all in a blink. They settled on sixth months each and on the night I got my scar, my mother had me.
It was about a month or two after Harry's birth. She had carried us into Harry's room and while changing Harry's dirty diaper, sat me on the floor. She had just finished mine when there was a loud slam of a door and snaps and pops of spells being cased. A flashing green light told her that Voldemort, the most feared wizard of that time had come to pay a visit. Voldemort had read the prophecy, it telling him that a boy born and the end of July, Harry, was apposed to be a threat to him and his reign. He then set out to kill the boy, clueless about the other child under the name “potter”. The spell that tried to kill Harry that night, giving him the scar, did the same thing to me giving me a scar on the back of my left hand. Also leaving both children mother-less and Harry became an orphan.

Chapter Two-Hogwarts Express
“Bundle up now, and stay warm” Narcissa said patting down the layers of T-shirt,sweater, and heavy winter coats she bundles us in. “Thank me end of term when the trains freezing cold to everybody else”I just turned to Draco and shrugged my shoulders.
“Oh Narcissa, don't baby them there almost teenagers” called Lucius sitting on the couch reading the 'daily prophet' the wizardry worlds newspaper.
“TEENAGERS!” she exclaimed after kissing us goodbye on the forehead. She walked over to where Draco's dad was sitting and started to say somethings about being only eleven.
We were getting ready to go to School. A wizardry school. It has a very strict acceptance rule. You have to be a witch or wizard! Every year at Hogwarts School of Witch-Craft and Wizardry they except a class of newbies or first years in to there ranks, we just happen to be two of who knows how many kids. We finished all of our shopping for the weirdest kind of school supplies including pets, books, wands, and robes. Our clothes and supplies for the semester were all packed and ready for our taking beside the door. Draco's mom had just finished bundling us up in what she thinks is the appropriate attire for the train ride to this mystical non-mapped place. My dad, who just also happens to be the Potions master for the school, was waiting for us. He needed to catch the train as well. The grown-ups who weren't going came and smothered us in hugs (and Draco kisses) before we departed.
We traveled in a car that Draco's father lent us for the occasion. When we had finished packing our pets (mine a snake and Draco’s and owl) and other luggage we got strapped into the car and then we drove off to the train station.
“Draco” said my dad “your father asked me to make sure you make the right kind of friends this year, do you remember what he told you?”
“Yea Professor, I do” he answered. My dad, Severus Snape, is the potions master at Hogwarts so all the students, with the exception of me have to call him Professor Snape.
“Did you give Sylvia permission to tryout for Quidditch this year?”
he asked, glancing at me and then back to Professor.
“Well I did but I told her that it is very seldom that a first year will get picked to be in there house teams. Not that I doubt your talent Sylvia” he told Draco “Are you even listening?”
“Wha- yea of course dad” I said turning my attention to the passing London outside my window.
There was so many things to see in this side of the enormous city, people, cars, buildings, walking animals, and of course Big Ben.
“So where is this train station dad?” I asked craning my neck to see out the windshield.
“Well I know the muggle schools must have told you something about Kings Cross? Am I Wrong?”
“Kings Cross?!” We said at the same time. “A wizard train can't just depart from the middle of Kings Cross, what if the muggles get on?” I went on
“Sylvia, relax you'll just have to see for yourself when we get there.”
About fifteen minutes past and we were standing at the parking lot of the very large, very famous train station. My dad had just finished unloading everything from the trunk, to two separate trolleys that we were to wheel inside. After we were inside the building we went directly back outside to another part of it where all the trains sat, waiting for there next departure time. Dad handed us our tickets and said to follow him, I glanced down at the important piece of paper and saw the numbers 9¾ written on it.
“But dad, nine and three quarters, that can't really exist can it?”
I asked him confused. He only made a 'follow me' motion and I did what I was told.
“8, 9, 10, aha here we are” he said to himself as he set down his suitcases and came in the middle of us. Then he began to speak in a whisper. “This wall here between nine and ten, is called nine and three quarters, to get to the wizard side of the train station, you just take a running start strait through to the other side.”
“Wait, were supposed to run into the barrier?” I asked getting more confused by the minute. “But well crash, won't we?”
He didn't answer but simply walked, grabbed his suitcases and stood back about 8 feet in front of the barrier. He then started to run, closing the gap between there and the wall. I gasped flinching and turning away, but when I looked back at the wall he was gone.
“Where did he go?” I asked Draco.
“Into. . .the. . .wall.” He answered looking as bewildered as ever.
“What?” I said leaving my cart and circling the barrier just to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me.
“What do we do then?” I questioned him. He had moved his cart 8 feet in front of the barrier, just like my dad. He did the same thing, took a running start and then when he was just about to slam into the wall, disappeared into it. I gasped not knowing what to do. I just did what they did and aligned my cart with the wall. I then took a running start, closed my eyes and when I opened them, I was in a whole other part of the Train station. There was only one train on this side, It read, 'THE HOGWARTS EXPRESS'. I then saw my dad and Draco by a close by bench, spot me and then rush over and address me. He helped us carry our luggage over to the door of the train.
“Come on now we don't have all day.” complained my dad, hopping through a door into the train. We followed him all the way into a cart in the train.
The seats were covered with a green plaid design, above them was a long rack and on the other side a window placed in the middle of them. On the benches sat two boys. One had a long rectangle face with the weirdest looking nose you've ever seen. He had short messy brownish blondish hair. The other had a round fat face to go with his round fat body, he also had ears that you would think belong on a monkey.
“Hi, whats your name?” spoke the fat one, in a grimly tone.
“Well I'll leave you kids alone.” interrupted my father, kissing me on the forehead “Watch your temper Sylvia” he warned.
He then left us our belongings and closed the glass doors.
“Uh, Malfoy, Draco Malfoy and you are?” He said.
“I'm Vincent Crabbe and this is Gregory Goyle.” He announced gesturing to the tall one. “What about you?” He asked again referring to me.
“Oh I'm Sylvia Snape.” I answered, rubbing my bandaged scar.
“Does it hurt again?” Draco asked from beside me on a cushioned bench.
“A little, I think I'll just change the bandage.” I concluded, standing and reaching up to my suitcase on the rack above our heads. I took out a small 'spool' of bandage and sat back down on the bench.
“Hold this please” I told Draco handing him the bandage ball for him to hold. I then started to unwrap my hand sticking the clothes pin that held in together between my teeth. When I got to where I could see skin, Goyle asked.
“What happened.”
“Oh, um” I started, unsure of how to tell him when I didn't even remember.
“I uh, um fell and uh, cut my hand on, some uh, wire and it scared.” I lied
“Oh, okay” he asked confused but pleased.
I continued to unwrap my hand when all at once I felt searing pain rush down my arm.
“Ahhh!” I yelled hugging my hand to my stomach and bending over in pain.
“Whats wrong?” Draco asked prying my back up to a sitting position. I turned to look at him and then I glanced at the door, or more of what was outside the door. A boy with messy black hair and green eyes was staring at me with a hand clasped over his forehead. He locked eyes with me for a second after raising an eyebrow, turned and rushed off.
“What was that all about?” Crabbe asked staring at me, the door and then me again.
“Nothing” I told them, shakily wrapping my hand back up.
We sat in silence for the next twenty minutes before an old ladies voice broke it
“Anything from the trolly dears, Anything from the trolly!” Then she slid open our compartment door and asked more quietly.
“Anything from the trolley?” Crabbe and Goyle reached into there pockets and pulled out some coins rushing over to the door and buying some candy. I did the same except waited for them to get out of the way before asking in a hushed voice.
“Do you have any blood pops in there”
She wide-eyed me for a second before reaching for the lower cart and pulling up a stand filled with red, square shaped lollipops.
“How many dear?”
“Four will be fine for now, how much?” I told her playing with the coins in my hand.
“That will be eight sickles dear” she told me trading the four sucker for eight sickles..
“And can I have a licorice wand to please” I asked again for the last time.
“two more sickles dear.” She said as we once again traded.
I walked back to my seat and started to unwrap a blood pop while Goyle asked.
“um, you know those are for vampires only right?” he asked growing more worried as the lollipop got closer to my mouth.
“And occasionally werewolves.” I told him giving him a devious smile. He just looked at me weird and then out of the window.
Just then or a minute or so after that a girl with short black hair and a vacant expression opened our door.
“Can I sit here?” she asked.
“I don't care” sighed Crabbe scooting over and making room for her.
“So, I'm Pansy Parkinson and you are?” she said rather selfishly
“Uh Crabbe, Goyle, Sylvia, and Me Draco.” Draco told Pansy.
“Where are your robes?” she questioned referring to the two of us. I glanced at Goyle and Crabbe who seemed to be wearing black robes with what seemed as a coat of arms bearing a lion in one corner, a snake in the opposite, a badger, and a eagle in the others. In the middle was a big H, best guess it probably stands for 'Hogwarts'.
“Oh yeah, suppose we ought to get some on.” I said as I stood up along side Draco and retrieved our robes from our suitcases.
After we had dressed and put on ties underneath the neck of the robes, Pansy started to talk about how her mom told her the animals on the robes crest stood for the different houses. The lion was Gryffindors, the snake Slytherins, The badger belonged to Hufflepuff, and that left the eagle to Ravenclaw.
'Hey snake, I have a snake” I told them
“cool, is he or she on the train?” she asked me
“yeah shes right here” I answered standing up again and retrieving a small cloth covered cage from the rack. “his name is Scales” I started.
“I got him when I was six.”
“Does it bite?” Pansy gulped. I looked up to find the three of them shoved against the back of the seat.
“Uh yea, duh its a snake, but shes not poisonous, unless I tell her to be.” I said half jokingly giving another evil smile there way. I set her cage down and opened the little flap, bending my arm down so she could slither up enough so I could set her on the bench beside me. She then curled up into an 'S' shape and opened her jaw. She sprang up and bit me on the shoulder. I heard Pansy gasp, but I just laughed and started to pry her off putting her on the floor. She then curled up like a hose and buried her head in the middle.
“Aw, she tired” wined Draco.
“Yeah” I agreed turning the door of her cage towards her head.
“Come on” I breathed setting the snake filled, closed cage back on the rack. I then flew backwards and landed in the middle of Crabbe and Pansy.
“Guess were here.” Pansy said as everybody stood up and got there luggage of the racks.

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