Snake for a Brother~ A Naruto story

Snake for a Brother~ A Naruto story

This as something to do with the anime Naruto, you kinda have to watch Naruto to understand this. The picture is what Hira looks like

I do not own Naruto

Character description
name: Hira sanumaki
family: brother (orochimaru)
looks: long black hair red eyes. black leather gloves, dark red tank top, combat trousers.
personality: determined, quick to anger, friendly.

Chapter 1

the risk

by: xKiraxs
"Are you in? Or are you out?" I said to all my talented friends. "You guys are my only chance... Without you it will not work!" They didn't answer, "As much as we'd like to do it, Hira, we'd be taking a huge risk!" said my friend Misaki. "Yeah, who is this guy anyway?!" said the impatient Oranade. "This person, is my brother..."
Let me start from the beginning.
My name is Hira Sanumaki, I haven't seen my brother in ages. I know him so well even though all I ever do is annoy him. He got sealed away, by me. Big mistake when I realized you needed seriously advanced skill to bring him back. So here I am begging my friends to play this four minute song for a possibility to bring my brother back even though if we did it wrong, all my friends would die.
I know I was taking a big risk but my brother will be sealed forever if I don't.
"Hold on. I just got to make a few calls." I said dialling a number, first up would be Kakashi, my old sensei. I would tell him my situation he'd know what to do.
He answered on the second ring. "Hello?"
"Yeah, it's me. I know we haven't spoken in a while, ever since well, I got possessed and tried to kill you but, I need advice."
"About what?"
"Kakashi, I've got a group of friends to help me bring back my brother, if we don't do it right they die and my brother will be sealed forever! What should I do?!"
"What?! Are you crazy? You can't bring Orochimaru back! You know you can't it's forbidden. As soon as that mist appears the anbu black ops will kill you!"
"Oh yeah, I forgot about that..."
"I know it's you're brother and everything, but if you succeed or fail somebody's gonna die!"
"You're right. But it's my brother!"
"I'm sorry Hira. You knew about this. You shouldn't have asked about it in the first place you knew I would say no. If I were you I'd leave your friends out of this!"
"You're right. I shouldn't have asked you." I said hanging up.
Next would be......Tsunade! She should know she's the 5th Hokage and a legendary Sannin like Orochimaru. "Hello?" answered Tsunade.
"Hi, it's Hira, Orochimaru's sister. I need help."
"I'm gonna....well.....I'm gonna summon Orochimaru."
She didn't reply.
"You what?!"
"Oh, uh......... I got to go bye!"
I hung up the phone. Kakashi started to ring me. "hello?"
"You can bring your brother back"
"Huh? But I thought you said it was a bad idea?"
"Only if I train you and your friends."
"But that will take years. We only have twelve months to do this!"
"Please just trust me. Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto will be there too."
"Oh wow! That will make it quicker! If you haven't noticed I'm being sarcastic."
"Do you want to bring back your brother or not?!"
"Fine Kakashi! I'll meet you on the training grounds 5am tomorrow, oh and, do not be late!!" I hung up.
"Ok guys, we're gonna train for twelve months with my old teacher and teamates, and then we'll bring back my brother. That sound like a plan?!" i asked. "Ok when and where?" asked Akemi. "The designated training grounds, it's just by the river, 5am on the dot. Got it?" I said. They all nodded. "Eat a lot of breakfast and wear something you can move and run around in." I said walking off.

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