Another Forked Up Dream!

Yes, another dream. Don't worry, this one won't haunt you at night, or everytime you look in the mirror, or when you're in the dark and you think you saw something move, or you thought you heard someone walk in to your room....
It's a pretty cool dream actually! xD
If I can finish this thing before I go to bed I'll summit it for BleedingforMCRandFOB's contest...It's 2 and a half hours away..Challenge Accepted

Chapter 1

Party in the Woods! Eyeliner or Not, Emo Bangs or None, You Can Still Come!

Alright, so, I was taking a walk down the road of my neighborhood. When the Awesomest thing just happened. I hear some arguing...
"Andy, how the fyuck can you even think that we'll make it to the show on time?!" a male voice yelled.
"Yeah, man! We got two flat tires! Jinxx is right! We're fycked up big time!" another male voice agreed.
"I don't know guys...I really don't know." yet another male voice. I figured that was Andy. Am I the only one around who wasn't with the group?

I walked towards the argument, since those voices sounded pretty damn familiar. But, not like I've talked to them, as of I've heard them before somewhere..,
I'm just a few 15 feet away, into this weird forest there's next to my house. I take one more step...

Snap! Clink! Uff! TUD!

Of course. I snapped a twig, knocked something down and fell on my azz. That's something very Alex-like.

"What the hell was that?!" I hear another voice, this one isn't Jinxx's or Andy's.
"I don't know..but I'm grabbing a stick just incase!" are there any girls around here?!
"A stick? What are you gonna do, Pete? Poke them to death?" Alright, that'd make a total of 3 different male voices from the ones before.
"Maybe.../Fear it/. Fear the stick!" That would be Pete by my guessing, again.
"Whatever, guys. Let's just check out what it is."

I get up but my right arm's bleeding, and slip back down. Great. Just great.

"Woah! Dude, you okay?"
"Yeah..I'm fine just tripped and uh-" I try to look past my bangs, they're really pissing me off now, but what I see next is to my surprise.

Right in front of me, while I'm on the ground bleeding, probably looking at my idiocy is...
Pete Wentz.

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