What comes to mind when you see...

Chapter 1

chapter 1

by: Neo_Krist
Yellow: loud

Blue: blueberries

Music: love it.

Quibblo: website

School: im done!

Table: why'd you leave the keys upon the table? YOU WANTED TO!

Plaid: my shirt

Swag: dont got it

Hunger Games: ew

Spoons: Crooked

Forks: Tool "Undertow" artwork (i was just listening to it)

Dogs: My Rott babies!

Cats: ehhh

Annoying: when sites block adblock plus. lol

Letters: Postcards

Phone: Buzzing sound

iPod: Broken...

Happy: The nirvana face

Harry Potter: Voldemort

Top friends: Dont really care

Food: Chinese food!

Potato: Mr potato head

Bricks: Pink Floyd

Pink: Bleh!

Wood: Trees

Rocks: Throw them

Done: Thank you


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