Cancer Awareness

Chapter 1

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So one of my friends on here has a friend named James who was recently diagnosed with throat cancer. She asked me to make a story like this. More info is in the message below

From: CookieMonstaLuv
Date: 05-23-2012 at 3:37 PM
Message: Because this boy (who is like one of my best friends) has been diagnosed with throat cancer. He is only 13 and has just gotten a massive scholar ship to an incredible boarding school. But yesterday he is after finding out that his cancer is terminal...He is one of my closest friends ever xx

Could you make a story on quibblo for national cancer awareness month Dedicated to my friend (James) Nobody really listens to me...

Block messages from CookieMonstaLuv

So can you guys please keep James in your prayers?

~~Stay strong James~~(:


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