the heart is always moving (hunger games fanfic)

the heart is always moving (hunger games fanfic)

Here is my Hunger Games fanfic. (duh) This is the 73rd Hunger Games (the one before the books begin)
Zeeva is a girl from District 6, the transportation district, who has lost 3 older brothers to the Games. She is in love with her best friend and has a soft spot for kids. What will happen when she becomes a tribute?

Chapter 1


As I walk hand in hand with Caiden to the reaping I can't help but feel uneasy. This is our last year being entered into the pool for District 6 and it's by some miracle neither one of us has been chosen yet. I look up into the cloudy sky and sigh. I snake my free hand around Caiden's muscular arm and rest my head on his shoulder. He looks down at me with a confused look on his face. He is my best friend and the way I'm leaning on him everyone finds normal because we've been thick as thieves since we were 7.
I was strolling along the train tracks on the edge of town when we met. I had
seen an interesting bird and was following it when I tripped and rolled down a
hill. I was alone and crying because I had broken my arm. Then along came
Caiden wearing a very concerned, confused face. Even as a 7 year old he was
fairly muscular. He didn't say a word but simply scooped me up and carried me to the District doctor. We've been inseparable since.
Now as I stare into his confused brown eyes I can't help but think back to that
day when his eyes looked so concerned. His whole look has matured over the years and unlike most of the district boys he keeps his dark brown hair short and spiked. Compared to the other boys he is the most muscular and the tallest. I'm not a short girl standing at 5'8 but he's a good head taller than me. His brows knit further together as he continues to look into my eyes.
"what are you doing?" he asks me, referring to my head resting on his shoulder. He was not fond of physical contact and barely tolerates my holding his hand all the time. I shrug and lift my head off his shoulder. His confusion fades and his eyes soften. "Go ahead." I place my head back on his shoulder with a smile.
Caiden and I are almost complete opposites. He is a loner and doesn't tolerate
anybody, excluding me. He sticks to the rules and is all work and no play. I on
the other hand love being around people and socializing. Although I take my work seriously I try and have fun with it, but I guess in Caiden's line of work he
can't afford to do that. Seeing as District 6 is the transportation district, he
has to make the hover crafts. He lifts heavy metal and welds it. I don't know
the specifics because I've never been to the factories, but he can't afford to
make mistakes. I work part time at the offices organizing orders and things. I
call for parts and all that mess. I don't enjoy being stuck in an office but
until I get married that's what I am stuck doing.
When we finally stop walking I spot my father making his way toward us along
with my only remaining sibling, Garth. When I say remaining I refer to the three
of my siblings that were drawn for the reaping. All of them killed in the
Cornucopia. My family doesn't particularly have the best of luck, rather my
father doesn't. He has lost four children and his wife, my mother. My twin
brother died as well as my mother in childbirth. I swear my father hates me for
it, he blames me for their deaths. It doesn't help that every time he looks at
me he sees my mother. I'm what you would call a commodity in our district, my
silver eyes and golden hair really stand out in a place full of brown eyed,
brown haired people. I get everything from my mother, including my freckles and
my one dimple. Dad says I even have her laugh.
Garth nods at Caiden when he arrives by our side and my dad merely grunts. He avoids eye contact with us and stares straight ahead. Out of the corner of my eye I see my dad take a sip from a flask and then struggle to choke down the beverage. That's when I realize how terribly hammered he is. Garth is holding his arm to keep him standing up. I'm suddenly furious but before I can say anything a hush comes over the crowd. I look toward the stage in the middle of the town square and see a thin woman standing at the podium. As always the Anthem plays and she then begins her speech about the Hunger Games. I pretty much ignore everything she says until the reaping begins. I utilize this time to think about if my name is called. I think I could fair well in the Games because as airy as I seem to some people I've got a strong will to live. Plus I have a reason to live. I can't allow my brother or my dad to see yet another sibling die in the Cornucopia. It also helps that Garth started teaching me how to use various weapons once our second brother was killed. My thoughts are interrupted at the mention of the reaping.
"As always we will pick a boy first. We will allow volunteers to speak up after
the Tribute's name is called." the woman's shrill voice echoes through the
silent town square. My hand instinctively tightens around Caiden's and then
reaches for Garth's even though I know he can not be chosen. "Harley Reather."
Everyone gasps as a small twelve year old boy is signaled out. My heart strings pinch at the sight of his mother, the clothing store owner, clutching to her boy. The older son, Judson steps forward.
"I'll take my brother's place" his voice shakes as he tries to remain strong. He
is not that much older, only 15. He's much like Caiden in the way he keeps to
"Very well then, Judson Reather step up here" the woman says without sympathy.
The cameras that are hovering around focus on him as he hugs his mother and
little brother. He wipes his face and then walks to the stage. My grip loosens
on Caiden's hand but his then tightens around mine.
"We will now continue on to the female tribute" the woman announces. I close my eyes, not expecting what I hear next. "Zeeva Fontine." My breath catches as I struggle to grasp her words. I hear mutters around the time square. My eyes open and surprisingly there are no tears. Garth stands next to me mouth open, his brown eyes drilling a hole into the side of my head. I turn away from Caiden, not able to face him yet and wrap my arms around my brothers neck.
"Take care of dad. He's going to need it" I whisper. My voice is surprisingly
not shaky.
"That's the least of you're worries Zee" he muttered, burying his head in the
crook of my neck. I manage a smile because I know he's right. I glance at my dad who has shown no emotion as I pull away from Garth. I then turn to Caiden. His brown eyes are slightly widened with a mix of fear and sadness.
"I will come back" I mutter as I hug him. He nods.
"I know you will" he replies. We hug for a minute longer before the announcer
interrupts us.
"Any day now Ms. Fontine" she says impatiently, although I detect sympathy in
her voice. Maybe it's because she has called three other Fontines to their
"I love you" I whisper as I pull away from Caiden's strong embrace. It takes him
off guard so I hurry toward the stage. I'm not sure the cameras saw me mouth
those three words but I know they saw Caiden run after me, twirl me around and
kiss me. After 11 years of nonstop friendship and limited contact he kisses me,
not just any kiss, but a tender, fiery kiss full of passion. I hear the announcer clear her throat and know Caiden heard it too when he pulls away.
"I love you too Zeeva" he rests his lips on my forehead and holds my hands. I
squeeze his hands tightly before slowly and reluctantly pulling away. I walk up
to the stage and look down at Judson, thinking about how quick his death will
be, if it comes down to he and I.
"Now that that's over, we may move along. May the odds ever be in your favor"
the woman smiles a fake smile and then turns to us. She beckons us to follow
here so we do. She must be our handler for the games.
"That was very good both of you, pulling at the heart strings of the Capital in
order to get sponsors. Very good thinking" the woman praises. I exchange a look with Judson, making it clear I did not have sponsors on the brain. "Are you two acquainted?"
"Barely" I mutter, I already hate our handler. She is... Superficial, and that's
me being nice.
"We've talked on a few occasions" Judson mentioned.
"Very few" I do not want to be linked to him in the Games. He would be a
weakness, a target seeing how tiny he is. I glance at him up and down, assessing how much of a threat he could be.
"I'm fairly interested in how you will be portrayed. You my dear seem like a
vicious beauty, and sweet boy that is all you seem to be" our handler was
assessing us now. "I suppose that is up to your design team to figure out."
"A design team? An entire team to fix us up?" I ask. I never realized how much
work went into the appearances of the former tributes, and seeing as not one of
my brothers survived to tell me, I was left to wonder. I follow our handler to
the mayor's office and sat down, Judson was lead into a different room. I could
only guess we were about to say our goodbyes. Garth walks in slowly after a few minutes of me waiting.
"I can't be stuck with dad alone. You gotta kill a lot of people kiddo. You hear
me?" he is trying to make the mood lighter. I smile a little.
"23 other people, maybe I'll luck out and only have to kill a few" I joke. He
smiles but the smile doesn't reach his eyes. "Garth, I will come home, alive."
"You have to Zeeva. Dad can't lose a fifth child, and Caiden needs you more than anything in this world" his voice breaks and he places his head in his hands.
"I promise Garth" I say as I reach across the small table separating the two
love seats we are sitting in.
"times up. Next guest is on their way up" a peacekeeper announces. I stand up
and wrap my arms around Garth's waist. He kisses the top of my head.
"I love you little sis" he mutters before walking out. I sit back down and look
at the door to see a petite brunette girl walk in.
"Aimee" I whisper. She smiles and runs and throws herself into my lap.
Aimee is the little girl across the road who I play with and babysit. She's only
8 years old, thankfully too young for the reaping. I would volunteer for her in
a heart beat. Since both her parents work full time in the factory I watch after
her when school gets out.
I stroke the little girls cropped hair and hold her to my chest tightly.
"be careful" she advises. I smile and push a few stray strands of hair out of
her face so I can kiss her forehead gently. I wipe away her tears and look into
her doe eyes.
"Aimee, promise me that you'll keep up with your school work and that you'll be
strong for me" I demand softly. She nods once and that's enough for me.
"next guest" the peacekeeper says. I walk Aimee to the door and pat her head as she hugs my legs tightly. The peacekeeper puts a giant hand on her back and guides her gently away. I turn around and see Alder standing with her twin
brother Ether standing at the door. They're my age and I work with Alder in the
office and her brother and I were in many classes together in school.
"we just stopped by to say good luck" Alder said. That makes sence considering I'm not great friends with either of them.
"thank you two. That means a lot" I smile. They nod and walk out almost as
quickly as they came. The next person through the door is Caiden. I run into his
arms and he lifts me up with ease. He sits me in his lap on the love seat and
strokes my golden waves.
"I should tell you about your dad" he mutters.
"What'd he do?" I ask, concerned.
"Well after you and Judson walked into City Hall he started yelling at the
cameras and peacekeepers about how they've stolen all but one child from him now. About how they were setting up his baby girl for death. He offered himself up instead, but of course they shrugged him off" Caiden kisses my forehead after telling me all this. "He loves you so much Zee." I nod and curl closer into his chest.
"Is he in custody?" I ask. He nods and reaches into his pocket. He pulls out a
small box. I recognize it as the box he keeps his mothers ring in.
"It's not what you think Zee. I want you to have this as my token to you" he
opens the box to reveal the gold and silver ring. The band is silver and wraps into a gold heart. It was his mother's wedding ring, and before she passed she gave it to him.
"I can't take this Caiden, I know how much it means to you" I say, retracting my
hand. He grabs it and puts the ring on my left ring finger and then holds my
hand in his.
"now you'll know how much you mean to me. You were able to say the three words I've been wanting to say since we were seven. And if you really don't like it you'll be able to give it back when you come home" he insists. I kiss him gently.
"You realize what finger you put it on, right" I ask, glancing at my ring
"yeah, the Capital people will eat that up. A beautiful tribute leaving her
fiancé to fight to the death in order to get back to the love of her life.
Zeeva, I will do anything to keep you alive" he says, squeezing my hand. I smile
and kiss him again, this time more deeply.
"that is the last guest, if you don't mind he has to leave now" the peacekeeper
interjected politely. We broke apart and I walked him to the door.
"Congratulations." The peacekeeper says, staring at my ring.
"Thank you" Caiden and I say in unison. I kiss him one last time.
"I love you Zeeva"
"I love you too Caiden"

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