If today was your last. (hunger games fanfict with only my own characters)

Name: Lucila Hawthorne.
Age: 16
Looks: like this ----> http://i1188.photobucket.com/albums/z417/baba_yaga_wee/MeganFox-8.jpg
Father: Gale Hawthorne
Mother: unknown.
Bio: Her father, Gale, sent her to District twelve the day before he died. She acts like an Angel so they nicknamed her Angel. She despises most of the people in district twelve except for Gale Sarouk and Taylor Mellark.

Chapter 1

My first time here.

I sigh as I get out of bed. "another Reaping another year." I get up and get ready. I pull on a blue dress that barely fits. Its because of not having enough to eat. I eat whats left of the food and pull on white stockings. Then I put on a little make-up as I sing safe & sound. I then put on black Maryjane shoes as I walk to the square and check in. I spot my best friend. Gale Sarouk. I smile and nod to him. he does the same. I hear Nina Trouket say "Welcome ladies and gentle men! I shall pic the girls names now!" she goes over and pick out a slip from one of the glass balls. Nina says "Lucila Hawthorne!" I can't move but some how I am moving. when I get up there I wait for her to call up the boy tribute. as she does I hope it isn't Gale. "ahem! Taylor Mellark! oh my." she says and I'm regretting coming here as we shake hands and I play my Angelic side. as we're pushed into the justice building I just keep cool as we get on the train. I then go to the dining car. I see our mentor. its Karissa Anderson. "when your in there stay alive, find water, make shelter or find somewhere to hide. oh and once we're in the capitol expect to feel like a plucked bird." I just nod and say " what ever Karissa." me and her hate each other. I take a shower in my train car. after that I fold up the dress and stockings and put the shoes on top. I then put on a tank top and some black jeans as I put my hair in a braid and put it to the side. I then put on socks and put on leather boots. The type bikers wear. and I go to dinner and eat like I'm not too hungry. "So hows life treating you?" asks Taylor. I glare and say in a harsh tone. "oh! I'm wonderful and I hope everyone's this nice!" I just keep on glaring as he falls silent. "Geez you can calm down I know today's the worst and its only 2 weeks from you finding out about your dad being killed but you needa grow up!" Taylor says in a harsher tone than mine as I wince. when I'm done I go to my room and cry myself to sleep that night. I thought he was nice but I guess everyone's different than they say they are. When I wake up Nina's trying to wake me up but I yell at her till she goes away and I take a shower. After that I put on black leggings, black tank top, red plaid top tied around the waist, and the same leather biker boots. Then I walk out and follow everybody with my dress, stockings, and shoes. as we go into the lab. I nicknamed it that 'cause it looks like one and I'm immediately waxed, showered, and plucked till they're done. then I wait for Cerberus, my stylist. when he gets here he helps me into a robe. "so we're going for medicine." I think Oh god I'm gonna be a provocative nurse. and we're going for nothing like nurses or doctors or anything in that direction. Instead we'll be doing fire." oh great I'll be on fire. I just nod as he helps me in to my costume. Its a unitard that's from my neck to my thighs and the arms go down to my fingers but only one's covered on both my arms. Then Cerberus puts on a skirt and it floats behind me and then he puts on a pair of boots. there's padding so my ribs don't show. (TBC! comment if its good so far!)


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