My Favorite Lines From Songs (More Added)

Yeah. I wanted to share my favorite lines of my favorite songs so...

The lyrics are my favorite because either I like the way they say it or it's funny or I can relate to it or whatever. Mostly cause it's funny or I like they way they say it


Oh and lyrics are not always going to be right. And I may have to misspell them so hey are allowed lol. Sorry

!!!!!!!!!!!!! May Include Explicit Stuff lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

Blood On The Dance Floor

[[Yo Ho]]

It's driving me nuts

So animated might as well call me Mickey

Pedal to the medal, red eyes like a devil

Raise the white flag, can't reach my level

I put the happy to the joy

Fvck with me and I'll play you like a gameboy

Yo ho ho and a bottle rum we go, it's my duty to please that booty

We be burning so hot, you can't even capture the flame

Boy you think you can handle this

I'm a pirate niqqa


I do what I want, I say what I want, I get what I want and take what I want

Another jealous mess, that ain't cool

Will you just marry me

I just wanna be your world

You put my head in a whirl, oh my god I'm drunk again

We will party til the end

I don't give a fvck, never gave a fvck, I won't give a fvck

I'm rated X


Welcome to Candyland

Satisfy my sweet tooth

I'll be your gingerbread man

First time naughty, second time nice

Trick or treat

You'd think I was a zombie by the way I give your brain

[[Ima Monster]]

They call me Dr. Giggles

Getting head in rentals, avoiding the parentals

This is ghetto plain and simple with a downbeat temp, oh no

They be hating us, cause we're glamorous; They be hating us cause I'm fabulous

Haters make me famous

[[Scream For My Ice Cream]]

Scream for my ice cream, well show me what's your fantasies

Let's get this party started, drink till we get retarded

[[Looking Hot Dangerous]]

What what, what what, throw it up, throw it up, just don't give a fvck

Cut to the chase

Money, biitches, secks and fame, I'll teach you how to run this game

Jet black, diamond hair; people stare, I don't care

You must be out your mind

Party up and start a rave

Our love goes epic far

Be proud of being different, speak loud and admit it

Be strong when you get dissed, don't ever forget haters.. make us.. famous

[[Miss Bipolar]]

I'm sick of your shiit

Your heart is my pinata so sayonara

I just wanna go ot tonight, I'm too tired to put up a fight

The best part of fighting is the make up secks

Miss Bipolar, ultimate controller, manipulator, instigator

...Perpetrator, see ya later

You say you love me then shove me to the floor

Drama is your middle name

You're certifiably insane

...Devastator, super slayer

...Terminator, asphyxator

Sunshine coming through the rain, the happiness is mixed with pain


You've seen what my thumbs can do

Show me what you go on my LCD

Cybering is so 1999

I wanna rock your body

Love me or hate but you wanna fvck me

My love is unrestricted

I'm stronger than the strongest drug you've ever had

I know you want some more

Send your friends requests

I'm so impatient

Giggity giggity

Stereo blast it up

Go ape shiit and tear it up

We can make you look like hobos


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