POEM-"Real Boys Don't Cry//How Will I Ever Be a Real Boy?"

I've learned to relate to Pinocchio. When I was little I used to, for some similar yet completely different reasons.
Pinocchio, Pinocchio, Pinocchio...Can you teach me how to be a real boy?

Chapter 1

"How do you ever expect to be a real boy? Look at yourself!" ~ Jimny Cricket/

I just can't find the point,
Of life, that void,
I'll never be a normal boy,
No lie 
Will hide
What I feel inside
I really try, 
They'll never see me cry,
Because they say: 
"Real boys don't cry."

Where's my conscience?
It's supposed to say
"To become a real /boy,
You must prove yourself brave, 
And unselfish"/

I'm brave,
I fight in life every day,
Barring the pain,
I've tried to stop waging wars with myself yesterday, tomorrow and today.

I'm truthful,
I tell you all my secrets, 
No lock to keep them,
But in you I trust,
The key to my heart.

I'm unselfish,
I help my friends in anyway I can,
I'd give my life away,
For my little sister; to find joy and live her life every day,
For my true friends; to guide their way in life, and color the world in every shade of the rainbow except gray,
For a stranger; who probably has better chances in heaven than I.

That I won't deny,
Every saint has a past,
Ever sinner a future,
I don't wanna waste mine In front of this computer,

I followed it's advice, 
I thought it was rather nice,
But honestly, How do I ever expect to be a real boy? 
Life has its joys,
But if being a real boy,
Means playing with girls' heart,
I'll stick to using a paper planes as a toy.

From now I'll love my life, live it to the fullest,
And just enjoy everyday,
Till I reach my end,
That's when the true journey begins. 


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